Tuesday, December 11, 2018

WHAM-O Super Book

Frisbee, Trac-Ball, Hula-Hoop, Slip’N  Slide, Water Wiggle, Monster Bubbles, Silly String and Super-Ball: these are just a few of the popular toys that WHAM-O produced over the past 70 years.
I had all of them and loved ‘em all!  As a kid I could always count on WHAM-O to produce unusual, innovation and fun toys to play with.

The Frisbee and Super-Ball were my favorites although I had fun with all of the toys.

In the WHAM-O Super Book author Tim Walsh takes readers on a 70 year thrill ride as he chronicles the birth, growth and story of WHAM-O.

Learn about the many products made by the company and the creative geniuses behind the whack-o creations that were kick-started when two good friends came up with a crazy idea, marketed it and viola! WHAM-O was born.

The book is filled with archival photos, product advertisements and lots of history.

Witness the growth of WHAM-O, its successes, its failures, testimonies by those who worked for the company and much more.

For a wonderful celebration of 70 years of fun be sure to pick up this fascinating visual journey that successfully brings back childhood memories.

I’d forgotten about how many products WHAM-O produced-it’s quite impressive as is the book.

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