Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The League Of Regrettable Sidekicks

It all started with Robin The Boy Wonder, Batman’s kid sidekick.

When he proved to be popular other comic book companies teamed their superheroes up with kid and teenage sidekicks.  Some were quite good such as Toro for the Human Torch, Bucky with Captain America and several more.

The sidekick phenomenon proliferated to included grownup sidekicks (many providing comedy relief) and in some cases-love interests.

For every sidekick that worked, unfortunately there were those that flopped.

The League Of Regrettable Sidekicks, by Jon Morris and published by Quirk Books, traces the long and not so illustrious history of sidekicks whom would have been best left on the drawing board.

From the Golden Age to the Modern Age the book lists the various completely unnecessary, sometimes silly, totally inept, more trouble than their worth and ridiculous sidekicks of not only superheroes but super villains as well.

Some even had more than one sidekick!

Filled with full color art and historical text about each regrettable sidekick, the book is a fun read about how ideas for new characters don’t necessarily translate to the printed comic book page.

What readers won’t regret is picking up a copy of this book. 

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