Sunday, February 10, 2019

Triple Time

Well, I did it!

After much deliberation and (let’s face it) stalling, I’ve created a Twitter ( account.

Add that to my blog ( and Facebook page ( and I’ve pretty much covered social networking.

I have no use for Pinterest or other platforms.  I tried You Tube and failed miserably.

At one point I had a website but after so many years my web provider moved the site to a new server. Unfortunately when that was done all of my pages and images that began with capital letters would have been renamed and linked-we’re talking about hundreds of items!

So I dropped the website.  I had decided several months previously to that to do so because review blogs seemed the route to go.  I kept putting it off, but when my server changed I was forced to make a decision.

Not too long ago I decided to let God take priority over and control of my review sites.  I came to realize that when it came to controlling my audience size, manufacturer and publisher contacts, review samples and content of my blog, Facebook and Twitter that it was best to let God take control.

Honestly, it takes off a lot of pressure and stress.

It is my sincere desire to do a good job writing positive, uplifting reviews.  I believe every company and publisher has good products.  I prefer to write positive reviews of those products.

Why waste my time writing negative reviews?  If a product or publication is bad, it won't take long for either of them to disappear.

Why not promote good products and the companies that create them?

I hope that more people read my reviews, friend me on Facebook and follow me n Twitter.

Better yet I’d love to make new friends, be an encouragement and help companies to thrive.

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