Friday, March 29, 2019

The Joker, Pickle Rick and UFO Cow Abduction

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, living on a mountaintop, pursuing a hermit’s life in the deep woods or surviving underwater in a bathysphere you’re bound to have heard of Batman’s arch-nemesis: The Joker.

The Joker is one of the top super-villains of all time.  His insane, twisted mind loves nothing better than to thwart Batman and dream up pun-based crimes.

Running Press has released the Deluxe Mega Kit of The Joker that features a full-color bust of the Clown Prince of Crime in all of his leering and maniacal glory.

Decked out in his trademark purple blazer, yellow shirt and green bowtie his gaudy outfit also includes a non-lethal copy of his yellow flower that squirts, not water, but acid or Joker gas.

To make things even better The Joker bust also talks braying forth 10 diabolical phrases and sound bites.  Want to bet his crazed laugh is included?

The Deluxe Mega Kit also comes with a small full-color booklet called The Joker: Behind The Smile.

Forty-eight illustrations detail the life, laughs and lunacy of The Joker

Almost as crazy as The Joker Deluxe Mega Kit is the Rick and Morty Talking Pickle Rick Deluxe Mega Kit.

The Pickle Rick Saga is considered by many Rick and Morty fans as the creme la creme of the Rick and Morty episodes.

In it, Rick turns himself into a pickle to avoid a ‘family’ situation. 

Unfortunately for him things go haywire and he soon finds himself in a sewer, fighting off killer rats, cobbling together a bionic body of rat and roach parts and eventually winding up in a Russian compound where he pickle-to-man against a trained assassin.

It’s Rick to the max!

The squeezable Rick spouts two famous Pickle Rick phrases and also comes with 48-page booklet filled with art and text about Pickle Rick.  Like The Joker bust, Pickle Rick stands a little over three-inches tall, as does the UFO Cow Abduction Deluxe Mega Kit.

A three-inch, clear-dome, flying saucer with a green, bug-eye alien piloting it hovers over an innocent cow.

A clear-plastic tractor beam lifts the cow off its grassy base via magnetism.

Lights and sounds accompany the abduction.

A 32-page booklet chronicles the cow abduction.

All three Deluxe Mega Kits come packed in small boxes with clear display panels, except for the Cow Abduction and include batteries.

What fun!  I plan on displaying all three on my bookshelf in my Mancave.  Imagine a UFO, The Joker and Pickle Rick all in one place!

Archer Danger Island

How do you handle a computer and traditional animated TV series where the setting, scenario, cast roles and entire theme changes practically every season?

Why, you sit back and enjoy it of course!

Fans of the FXX animated TV series Archer are sure to get a kick out its latest rendition with 20th Century Fox’s Archer Danger Island.

Part Indiana Jones and part the defunct TV series Tales Of The Golden Monkey the 9th season series collection takes place in 1939.

Archer plays the one-eye, alcoholic seaplane pilot: Sterling Archer, aided and abetted by his co-pilot Pam.  Look for the other familiar Archer characters to appear in slightly altered roles and personalities (one even becomes a parrot and another a princess!) to fit the time period and scenario.

While everyone else is concerned about the war in Europe Archer and Pam have other things on their mind when they crash land on the mysterious and dangerous Pacific island of  Mitimotu.

Get ready for some seat-of-your-pants adventure with Nazi, cannibals, quicksand, pirates: the entire gambit of tried and true ‘lost-on-an-island’ scenario.

Of course there’s plenty of off-kilter humor, loads of innuendo, plenty of homages and lots of action.

DVD extras include an inside look at the making of Archer and Cracker’s Costumed Playings.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Comic Books On The Cheap

If you’re as budget conscious (cheap) as I am and are on a fixed income, or very little income, and you love comic books, it’s very discouraging to go to a comic book shop or bookstore and look at the prices charged for a single comic book.

Since I am retired and can no longer afford to buy comic books on a weekly basis I had to look for less expensive or free ways to read comic books.

Granted a lot of free e-book comic books are online and that’s fine.  I prefer a comic book that I can pick up, flip through its pages and put in a comic book box or place on a bookshelf.

After a little searching I found some cheap and free ways to do just that.

There are number of retail stores that offer great deals on graphic novel trade paperbacks and comic books.

Ollie’s has a boatload of DC, Marvel and small press trade paperback comic book collections at a fraction of the cost of those found in regular comic book shops and bookstores.  I just picked up a Harlequin TPB that included a Harley mask for five bucks!

Ollie’s also offers value packs of back-issue comic books and MAD magazines really cheap.  I also found some hardbound books about the history of comic books at great prices.

Dollar Tree occasionally offers one-dollar back-issue three-packs.  Walmart has its own line of mega-size DC Comic for $4.99 and Target has started producing it own line of DC Comics.  Five Below has special four packs of DC Rebirth comic books.

I’m sure there are other retailers that offer discount comic book collections.  I’ve listed just the ones I know of.

Sometimes old comic books can be found at used books stores, pawn shops, flea markets, yard sales, Craigslist and antique stores.

If you have no budget for comic books, local libraries usually carry a wide variety of trade paperbacks.

All it takes is a little effort and perseverance on your part and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find to satiate your comic book addiction.

Good luck and good hunting!

Speed Duel

What comes four to a Pack, pours on the speed, is the first of its kind and takes place in an arena?

Why  Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Speed Duel Arena Of Lost Souls Booster Packs of course!

The full Set (8 Ultra Rares, 8 Super Rares, 34 Commons) contains 45 Cards and 5 Skill Cards (1 for Yugi, 1 for Ishizu and 3 for Bonz).

It also introduces to the Speed Duel the Gravekeeper's archetype and the Three Musketeers of Face Cards series.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Grief is difficult to deal with.

Grief arrives unwelcome for a number of reasons: the death of a family member or friend, the loss of a friendship, unemployment, depression and suicidal thoughts and lost of freedom-the list is long.

Grief plays no favorites.  It’s blind to race, religion, status, age, gender and location.

But, regardless of the grief generating circumstance, grief always progresses through five stages.

Author Shannon Stewart ( has written a wonderful collection of five stories (Grief: 5 Lives, 5 Stories, I Need ...Acceptance) that explore the various stages of grief.

Although the tales are fictional, the reality of grief is real.

Readers are given a list of five stages of grief and what to expect from each.

The stages are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

Knowing what to expect when grieving (everyone has or will experience it) is a great way to prepare and recognize that as time passes the hurt and pain subside (but never disappear) and that life goes on.

A personal note: I’m in my mid-sixties and I’ve lost a lot of family and friends in the last few years.  Eventually either my wife or I will die first.

The survivor will grieve, as will our family and friends, but it comforting to know that by following the simple advice written in this book that coping with the loss will not sting as much.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Alita Battle Angel

Finally, a computer-animated/live action movie that successfully translates and adapts a beloved and classic Manga/Anime franchise to the Silver Screen.

Alita Battle Angel is one of the all-time, best beloved and revered Manga in the history of the medium

In Titan BooksAlita Battle Angel The Art And Making Of The Movie, writer Abbie Bernstein examines the groundbreaking film from every angle.

Alita fans will be thrilled by the stunning slip cover art of the oversize hardbound book.  Even more stunning is the Alita armor close-up image decorating the book’s cover that the slip cover hides.

Inside readers get a quick glimpse of and history lesson about Akita, her early development for the movies and early concept art.

Beautifully rendered studies examine her hands, her cyborg body, armor, weapons and accessories.

Learn how they brought Alita alive with motion capture, blue-screen, innovative tracking and motion technology and more.

Each character in the film is carefully examined and outlined including their costume design, character eccentricities, various devices and weapons they own and use and their dwellings, labs and environments.

The book is packed full of insightful and intriguing information about the making of the film, stunning full-color studies of characters, vistas, rooms, etc. and cybernetic technology.

Lauded for its intense physical and acrobatic visuals the film’s premise, settings, vehicles and social structure are also broken down piece-by-piece

The book is a visual smorgasbord of images and text successfully intertwined in a complementary conglomeration that is sure to please film, Anime, Manga and animation fans everywhere.

Ralph Breaks The Internet

Leave it to everyone’s favorite, oversize, hand-smashing, video game Villain (who is really a nice guy) to break the Internet.

Wreck It Ralph is back in a hilarious sequel to his breakout hit first movie.

This time Ralph and his little buddy: Princess Vanellope, are out to save her arcade game in a hilarious romp through the myriad worlds of the Internet.

Nothing could prepare them for the many characters, scenarios, information overload and weird events they encounter.

While Vanellope is delighted with the Internet’s new universe, Ralph is skeptical and a little wary.

It’s old school video games smashing headlong into the future of gaming in an absolutely gorgeous, computer-animated film that unabashedly spotlights the icons, highlights, pitfalls and the fascinating and often frustrating world of the online Internet world.

Viewers will be amazed by the mass of recognizable logos, company slogans and mascots and especially when Vanellope meets the other Disney princesses and a fellow racecar driver.

But, as all encompassing as the Internet is, it is also fraught with dangers.

The Dark Web has some pretty despicable characters and their motives are not always for the best-especially when it comes to viruses.

Ralph and the rest of the cast from the first movie appear and must fight to save themselves and the Internet.

Ultimately it’s up to Ralph to find off his ’dark side’ in a thriller face-to-face(s) confrontation.

Can he save the Internet, his friends and especially Vanellope?

The Disney Ralph Breaks The Internet Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Code Collection also includes over an hour of bonus features such as deleted scenes, Easter eggs and more.

Apocalypse and Thrillers

Mill Creek Entertainment’s latest DVD 4 in 1 Collection is a disaster (make that disasters)!

Get ready for the Apocalypse as a triplet of movies predict the end of the world along with a fourth ghostly tale.

Miami Magma threatens the southern city with a violent end if oil drilling is not stopped before a super volcano erupts below the city.

New Orleans has had its share of disasters but its citizens aren’t prepared for what comes next.

When an earthquake opens up a series of fissures, fire-breathing, giant spider emerge.  Talk about arachnophobia!  It’s an Arachnoquake!

Leave to dad to get ticked off and create freak weather conditions to kill his enemies.

In Weather Wars, the scientist’s two sons must stop him from destroying Washington D.C.  Awe, do they have to?

Never upset your high-school principal because he might come back from the dead and seek revenge. 

In Ghostquake a mysterious janitor and the principal's grandson are left to thwart the evil spirit’s plans for some trapped teenagers.

Family, friends and strangers-do we really know who they are?  What deep dark secrets do they hold?

In the Thriller 4 in 1 DVD collection viewers discover some secrets are best left unsolved.

In Status: Unknown some old friends decide to keep in touch after a class reunion.  When classmates suddenly stop texting and updating their status suspicions arise. 

By all appearances Alyssa is the perfect nanny.

When the Turling’s adopted daughter turns up missing Alyssa’s secrete is revealed and the father: Ben Turling, realizes his past has come back to haunt him in Nanny Seduction.

When a woman suspects her husband is having an affair.  She follows him to his latest home renovation only to find him dead.

In A Deadly Affair things are not always what they seem.

Exactly one year after her father is killed her mother is also found dead.

The daughter is the prime suspect and it’s left up to her friends and her to discover the truth--Did I Kill My Mother?

Both DVD collections also offer Digital access.

Art: Love It and Hate It.

My predicament began when I was about 10 years old-over 50 years ago.

While in grade school I had a good friend who was a very talented artist.

One day, while in class, I noticed some illustrations he had done for a report he wrote on the Civil War.

I decided that I ‘could do that’ and attempted to draw.  To my surprise I was good at it.  In fact, better than my friend.

I’d always loved comic books and then and there decided I wanted to draw them as a career.

I practiced and practiced and slowly, painfully, began to hone my skills.

I was no Leonardo Da Vinci by any stretch of the imagination, but I was improving.

Many of my classmates liked my art.  My art teachers did not.

They went so far as to discourage my efforts and made no bones about it that they despised ‘cartoons.’

Still, I persevered and kept drawing cartoons and traditional art throughout school. 

Things were not much better at home.  All of my family worked in the auto industry or manufacturing.

None possessed the talent for or understood the arts--especially drawing.

My mom was more concerned about her next BINGO game or knick-knack procurement and my brothers were too busy raising their families.

I don’t fault them-that was their choice.

I kept drawing.  Even then the seeds of futility were being planted.
I moved away form home and after two years wound up at college with a degree in graphic design-which also required drawing.

While there I was exposed to other students with similar talents; some better, some not as good as my own.

I graduated and got my first job at a publishing house as an illustrator.

My downfall started there.  I did not like the job or the people in charge.

Any work I created outside of my job they considered ‘taboo’ and ‘inappropriate.’

I left after one year, moved back to Florida with my wife soon got a job at an advertising agency.

To my surprise I discovered I had a knack for design, especially for logos.  My writing skills began to surface.

After about nine years I moved on to a series of jobs in the Marketing Departments at several financial institutions.

It was there in encountered the corporate world and its disdain for art.

Yet another blow.

I was now at the point where my art was nothing more than a way to pay the bills.  I felt no joy in doing it.  I simply wanted to finish it.  The process meant nothing to me.

At one point I was on the cusp of knowing what it meant to be passionate about my art.  My passion made way for complacency and boredom.

I felt, and still do, that ‘what’s the point?’

After leaving the corporate world I started teaching art at a local high school.  I did enjoy seeing students discover their art skills.

I instructed, but did not create.

My disdain for drawing soon led me to the point that I couldn’t even draw anything for my own family.  I still can’t.

I look at the art of others and appreciate the skill and passion behind it.  I even enjoy looking at it.  But I can’t participate.

Ironically, I can emulate and master any form of art.  I’m a quick study, catch on almost instantly and am proficient in a variety of art styles.

But, there’s no passion, no drive, and no unquenchable thirst to complete a project.

My boredom level has elevated my patience practically nil and my frustration level so high that it almost makes me physically ill.

I see others art and know that I could be where they are on their skill level if I had applied myself.  I didn’t, I couldn’t.  It’s too painful, too daunting and too late.

I find myself hiding behind the false curtain of not caring, of sluffing it off as a phase or downplaying the entire affair.

It still haunts me.  I suppose it always will.

I envy those that possess the passion to create art and I wish them well. 

I’ll try to satiate my need for creativity with my writing.

It’s a shame and almost a travesty.  I have so many good ideas, so much I could have give but life has nasty habit of playing tricks on you.

It’s not always fair and dreams don’t always come true.

Still, I’ve had a good life.   I married a wonderful woman.  I have two great kids, a grandson and what’s left of my family in Michigan.

I have my health, my wits and most of all my salvation. 

I may not have seen my dreams fulfilled in this life.  But, who knows what’s in store in the next?

Friday, March 22, 2019

The Mule

Actor/director Clint Eastwood is the perfect example that age poses no barriers.

Well into his eighties Clint Eastwood continues to direct stellar movies and in many cases star in them.

In The Mule Eastwood both directs and stars in a film based on a real event.

Eastwood stars as Earl Stone who is in his eighties and faces foreclosure, bankruptcy and destitution. 

With no one to turn to he agrees to take a driving job that by all appearances seems perfectly innocent and easy money.

It’s not until later that he finds out that he is transporting drugs for a dangerous Mexican drug cartel.

Can he right a wrong before the cartel and the police close in?

The Mule is a harrowing tale of a man pushed to his breaking point and despite the circumstances decides to take a stand.

The Warner Bros. Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack also includes a ‘making of’ featurette and a special music video by Toby Keith.

Despite his age Eastwood delivers a powerful and sympathetic performance of a desperate man who realizes his mistakes and takes whatever it takes to rectify them.

Preview, April 2019

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Infinity Chasers

“To infinity and beyond!”

How do you chase infinity?  Can time be pursued?

Gamers will find out with Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game The Infinity Chasers Booster Packs.

Is time on your side or is itime running out?

Just look at what to expect:

All Foil 60-Card Set-5 Cards per Pack
40 Super Rares, 20 Secret Rares
3 new Strategies with unique game-play styles.

Isn’t it ‘time’ to start playing?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Made in Abyss - Journey's Dawn

1900 years ago a mysterious hole in the Earth was discovered.  By all indications it had no bottom.

Adventurous individuals decided to explore the depths (some at their own peril). Descending they found strange artifacts and treasures.

So compelling was the hole (Abyss) that soon a bludgeoning community developed dependent on its riches.

Over the centuries explorers ventured deeper and deeper into the Abyss.  More treasures were discovered along with exotic plants and animals-some that were deadly.

Many explorers lost their lives or never returned to the upper levels.

An orphan named Riko is a young, modern day explorer who wants to follow in her deceased mother’s footsteps.

One day while exploring with other orphan classmates and hopeful future Cave Raiders she is rescued from a horrible and carnivorous flying snake by a sudden destructive energy burst.

Her rescuer is a small boy that appears to be half-human and half-machine-a cyborg.

She takes the unconscious boy back to her orphanage and with the help of her classmates manages to revive him.

Unfortunately her ‘revival’ procedure draws the attention of the orphanage staff and only with the help of the cyborg does she manage to avoid punishment-at least for now.

She is certain that the boy comes from the lower depths.

Riko becomes all the more determined to explore the lower levels when she receives a mysterious note proclaiming that her mother is alive lower in the Abyss.

The boy/cyborg (Reg) (or is he totally robotic?) reluctantly agrees to accompany her to find her mother. 

Their journey is filled with danger and peril, but also with wonder.

Reg’s stoic demeanor is the perfect balance against Riko’s flamboyancy and hyper personality.

Is her mother alive?  What lurks below in the depths?  Who are Reg’s parents and fellow cyborgs?

These are just a few of the questions presented in the delightful Anime: Made in Abyss - Journey's Dawn, from
Sentai Filmworks, that combines the first eight episodes of the TV series into a wonderfully illustrated and animated tale of discovery, friendship, family and faith.

Far form a simple modern fairy tale the story has its share of scary moments and semi-disturbing images, but the characters and story shine through and make this a perfect family film.

Four Star Television Productions

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the classic TV series from the 1950s, ‘60s, ‘70s and some ‘80s-especially Westerns and Crime series.

Here are just of a few of my favorite series:  The Rifleman, Zane Grey Theatre, Burke’s Law, Wanted:  Dead or Alive and Richard Diamond.

I also enjoyed many of the comedies, variety shows, anthology series, kids shows and other genres.

Those decades saw some of the most interesting, often groundbreaking and innovative shows ever seen on TV.  Plus, there was such a variety!

Movie studios and production companies realized that TV was a virtually untapped territory ripe for ideas and especially ad revue.

While there were many production companies, there were those companies that distinguished themselves by their quality work, variety of genres and their business expertise.

One such company was Four Star Television Productions.

Author Richard Irvin and BearManor Media have compiled a comprehensive look at the history of the business, series and pilots of the iconic Four Star Television Productions company from 1952 to 1989.

Beside aired TV shows and specials, the book looks at the pilots produced, crossover promotions and the men and women behind the company.

Many of the shows and pilots are examined in detail, as are many of the special productions.

The book is a fascinating expose on the who, what, how, when and where of the TV industry.

Readers learn all about what goes on in front of and behind the camera as well as the inner workings of the industry.

I found it especially interesting as it pertained to some of my favorite shows and I was able to pick some interesting unknown facts and tidbits.

Vintage photos, some personal recollections and insider information round out the book and make it an enjoyable romp down Memory Lane.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Eternals #1

After his disappointing and disastrous move to DC Comics where his Fourth World concept failed to catch on (at least at first) Jack Kirby returned to Marvel Comics scantly two years later.

Stan Lee was thrilled to have his old drawing partner back but unfortunately the two were unable to re-team and re-inite their creative magic (save for a Silver Surfer Special) as Stan had moved on and no longer was the writer and editor he once was.

That being the fact Jack was still given plenty of work cranking out issues of Black Panther,  2001: A Space Odyssey, Machine Man, Captain America, The Inhumans, Devil Dinosaur, various fill-in issues and a score of covers.

Now in his late fifties and early sixties the quality of Jack’s art was starting to show signs of wear.  Although still exciting to see, his art looked rushed and less detailed.

Unfortunately his art had gone out of style.  Younger comic book readers gravitated toward the art of Rich Buckler, Jim Stalin, Mike Ploog and a bevy of other young artists/fans artwork.

All respected and appreciated Jack’s work, but their styles were radically different to his.  Although many tired to imitate his incredible imaginative settings and character designs.

One of the last projects Jack did for Marvel upon his return was creating, writing, drawing and editing an ambitious new series: The Eternals.

In issue #1 Jack starts the series with a group of scientists/explorers seeking the lost God Chamber.

One of the explorers (unknown to the others at first) is Ikaris, one of The Eternals.

For millennia he has been looking for the God Chamber in hopes of returning to his people: The Eternals.

Eventually they find the God Chamber, while at the same time a dark and nefarious foe seeks to destroy the spot.

In The Eternals Jack Kirby let his imagination run wild. 

Inspired by The Chariot Of The Gods book recently released, which postulated that aliens had visited the Earth in the past and changed the course of human evolution and development, Jack introduced his own take on the concept: The Eternals.

In the series it was discovered that a gigantic race of humanoid aliens (
The Celestials/Space Gods) had altered/modified the genes of a pre-human species thus creating three distinct species: Humans, Deviants and Eternals, with The Eternalsl being the first.

From these three branches came super-humans, Inhumans and a host of other modified or enhanced versions of the original three groups.

While the series (at the time) received a lukewarm reception, the Eternals concept eventually transformed the Marvel Universe.

Kirby’s concept would go on the affect not only the Earth’s population but also other species around the universe-all manipulated by the The Celestials/Space Gods.

In fact, brief glimpses of
The Celestials/Space Gods can be spotted in various Marvel films.

It was recently announced that Disney and Marvel would be releasing an Eternals film in the future.

It will be interesting to see how they are intertwined with the other Marvel movies-especially Thor, The Avengers, The Guardians Of The Galaxy and Captain Marvel franchises.

There are even hints that Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox Studios may introduce the concept into the future X-Men films and the promised Fantastic Four re-launch.

It is remarkable that one man: Jack Kirby, introduced such a galaxy-spanning concepts not only at Marvel but DC Comics as well with his Fourth World Universe.

The Eternals #1 continues to escalate in price and by all appearances will soon attain the position as one of the key comic books collectors must have.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Remembering Monty

There was a time when TV game shows dominated afternoon TV.

Entertainers and other notable famous people made frequent appearances on the shows and it seemed like everyone in American wanted to be on a game show to win big prizes.

Although “Let’s Make A Deal” did not feature celebrities it was one of the top-rated game shows during its initial run.

The show still exists today, but usually is shown during early primetime hours.

The show’s original host: Monty Hall distinguished himself from other game show hosts because of his infectious personality and genuine love of his audience.

He is considered the first, true super-star of daytime game shows.  Others tried to imitate his style-none succeeded.

But, there was more to Monty Hall than just a game show host.

In Remembering Monty, authors Ken Rotcop and Kimberly Kaplan, along with publisher BearManor Media, delve into the life and times of one the most recognizable and beloved TV personalities of all time: Monty Hall.

Among his many talents he possessed were: as an emcee, a song and dance man, a humanitarian and more.

Most people knew him only by his game show TV persona, others knew the real Monty Hall.

Friends, relatives, business associates and coworkers provide up-close stories about Monty.

More than a bubbly, glib and personable game show host, Monty had his ups an downs as all people do-famous or not.

Get to know the man through recollections, candid photos and loving tributes by families and friends.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Longest Day and 100 Birds

The Longest Day has sold more than 30 millions copies since its introduction.

Carlton Books celebrates the occasion with its special re-release of Cornelius Ryan’s The Longest Day chronicling the 75th Anniversary of D-Day-the invasion of Normandy.

With images and text derived from the Cornelius Ryan Collection’s impressive archive of historical and first-person accounts the book delves into the most famous battle ever waged by man and the turning point in WWII.

The book is filled with 100 archival photos, meticulously researched and containing detailed first person account of the mother of all battle.

It brings the battle life as recalled and chronicled by those who took part in it.

S o much so that you can practically hear the bullets spattering about you and feel the ground shake from the unceasing artillery fire.

Listen and you almost hear the anguished cries of the wounded and dying, the frightened chatter of the troops and the unending barrage of weapons against weapons as the bullets hit the sandy beach sending up spirals of dirt and sickly thud of lead meeting human flesh.

Maps, charts, statistics and numerous documents outline the storming of the beach and incredible amount of human ingenuity and planning to set up such a momentous event.

They’re everywhere and yet few people take the time to notice them.

Their twitter and chatter wake us up in the morning, lull us to sleep at night and their playful, sometimes comical behavior tickle and delight us.

They come in various sizes, color and temperament.  Some are herbivore, some carnivores and many omnivores.  

The are beautiful in their design, awe-inspiring in their aerial acrobatics and amazing in their adaptability.
They are birds, and authors David Chandler and Dominic Couzene present the ultimate wish-list of birders everywhere with their new book: 100 Birds To See In Your Lifetime.

Thrill to the images of some of rarest, most exotic and elusive birds in the world

Full-page, color photos and full-page descriptive text explore each rare and seldom-seen species.

Full descriptions of each bird, their nesting habits, geographical location and other pertinent information fill this wonderful hardbound book dedicated to our feathered friends.

Animal and bird lovers are sure to enjoy looking through this beautiful collection of photos and reading up on the wide variety of birds that populates our world.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Handbook

Imagine that you’ve just discovered you are a wizard or witch and you’ve just been accepted to the most prestigious school of magic: Hogwarts.

But what is Hogwarts?  What classes are offered?  What teachers do you want and which do you avoid?  Are there certain supplies you need?

These are just a few of the questions Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione wish they had the answers to before they attended the school.

The answers surely would have saved them a lot of trouble and mistakes.

Scholastic Books has just the book aspiring wizards and witches need to prepare themselves before attending Hogwarts.

The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Handbook clues students in on everything abut the school from classes, teachers, subjects, creatures, flying, extracurricular activities, places to avoid and spells best left uncast.

It’s the how-to to Hogwarts and magic and it’s a must have for any magic student.

The flip-open, hardbound book features a clever, magnetic snap-shut lid (to keep prying hands and curious minds at bay) and a very special LEGO Hermione Minifigure included!

It’s magic, in a one-of-a-kind handbook for the serious Harry Potter fan and collector.


Warner Bros. has really outdone itself with its new DC Comics Aquaman movie out on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack.

Talk about excitement!

The great story, visuals, special effects, powerful soundtrack, incredible underwater scenes, amazing choreographed fight scenes and well-defined characters combine to pack a tsunami of a punch.

Did I mention the colors, the live action effects and amazing costumes and set designs?!  WOW!

I admit, I was a little skeptical when Jason Momoa was chosen to be Aquaman.  He looks nothing like the comic book version.  But after his introduction in the Justice League movie and as the star of the Aquaman film, I need not have been concerned.

He delivers an outstanding performance, ranging from serious to hilarious.

The film begins with the origin of Aquaman (the child of an Atlantian Queen and human), his reluctant decision to be come the King of Atlantis and to save the surface world from an invasion from the undersea realm.

Throw in Black Manta, Mera, fantastic underwater creatures, a horde of horrific, mutated denizens of the deep and you have movie that is a winner on al levels.

For an incredible film experience, do NOT miss this movie.  Aquaman fires on all cylinders and delivers an ocean of entertainment for the whole family.

Extras include over 60 minutes of behind-the-scenes action, a sneak peek of SHAZAM!, several featurettes about making the film and much more!