Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Longest Day and 100 Birds

The Longest Day has sold more than 30 millions copies since its introduction.

Carlton Books celebrates the occasion with its special re-release of Cornelius Ryan’s The Longest Day chronicling the 75th Anniversary of D-Day-the invasion of Normandy.

With images and text derived from the Cornelius Ryan Collection’s impressive archive of historical and first-person accounts the book delves into the most famous battle ever waged by man and the turning point in WWII.

The book is filled with 100 archival photos, meticulously researched and containing detailed first person account of the mother of all battle.

It brings the battle life as recalled and chronicled by those who took part in it.

S o much so that you can practically hear the bullets spattering about you and feel the ground shake from the unceasing artillery fire.

Listen and you almost hear the anguished cries of the wounded and dying, the frightened chatter of the troops and the unending barrage of weapons against weapons as the bullets hit the sandy beach sending up spirals of dirt and sickly thud of lead meeting human flesh.

Maps, charts, statistics and numerous documents outline the storming of the beach and incredible amount of human ingenuity and planning to set up such a momentous event.

They’re everywhere and yet few people take the time to notice them.

Their twitter and chatter wake us up in the morning, lull us to sleep at night and their playful, sometimes comical behavior tickle and delight us.

They come in various sizes, color and temperament.  Some are herbivore, some carnivores and many omnivores.  

The are beautiful in their design, awe-inspiring in their aerial acrobatics and amazing in their adaptability.
They are birds, and authors David Chandler and Dominic Couzene present the ultimate wish-list of birders everywhere with their new book: 100 Birds To See In Your Lifetime.

Thrill to the images of some of rarest, most exotic and elusive birds in the world

Full-page, color photos and full-page descriptive text explore each rare and seldom-seen species.

Full descriptions of each bird, their nesting habits, geographical location and other pertinent information fill this wonderful hardbound book dedicated to our feathered friends.

Animal and bird lovers are sure to enjoy looking through this beautiful collection of photos and reading up on the wide variety of birds that populates our world.

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