Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Cold War Thrillers

For anyone born in the mid-1980s on The Cold War generally has very little meaning to them.

Sure, it’s mentioned in school history books but is relegated as ‘ancient history’ to those who did not live through it.

Interestingly enough even though the Iron Curtain (Berlin Wall) fell in 1989 and effectively ended the communist reign of the U.S.S.R., there are those in today’s Russia who long for the old days.

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems determined to begin a new Cold War even though a face-to-face confrontation with the United States would spell certain doom for Russia.

Like those of my generation I lived through the Cold War.  I still remember the ‘duck and cover’ exercises at school, bomb shelters and the constant threat of nuclear annihilation-we came close several times.

In Mill Creek Entertainment's new six-film collection: Cold War Thriller, viewers are plunge into the height of the conflict with six spy and espionage thrillers.

Man On A String was actually filmed in East Berlin and is based on a true incident involving a Russian movie-producer recruited to be a counterspy.

A British secret agent delves into the mysterious suicide of a man he just investigated.  What he finds is disturbing in The Deadly Affair.

Otley: a born Loser gets entangled in a murder and an espionage conspiracy

In A Dandy in Aspic a British agent must find the double-agent in MI-6.

Hammerhead sees an American spy sent to intercept an international criminal set on stealing nuclear weapon secrets.

A British Intelligence Operative suspects his colleague of being a double-agent when a mission goes awry in The Executioner

All are thrilling spy movies with plenty of action, lots of intrigue and danger around every turn.

Spy film fans are sure to love this six-pack of Cold War espionage.

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