Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Yokai Storyland

Pop culture-we take it for granted that the pop culture craze started in the 20th Century.

Not so.  Yokai Storyland: Illustrated Books From The Yumoto Koichi Collection compiles a plethora of illustrated tales dating as far as the 1600s in Japan.

Inside this wonderful collection of art, courtesy of PIE International, readers are treated to some of the most original, imaginative, quirky and outrageous art covering everything from domestic life to high fantasy.

Some of the illustrations are downright hilarious, provocative and sometimes disturbing.

If my artist eyes serve me correctly most of the art are woodcuts that are either hand-painted or screened.

Full translations of all the pieces are provided, as is a pictorial glossary in the back of the oversize paperback book complete with slipcover.

Many of the images are explained in an addendum to the book for those unfamiliar with the Japanese culture and symbolism.

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