Friday, May 3, 2019


Where would Superheroes be without Super-Villains?

After all, it’s one thing to have super powers and strive for the good.  It’s quite anther thing when you have an adversary who also has super abilities and tries to negate every good thing you accomplish.

Just look at Superman and Lex Luthor or Batman and The Joker.  Talk about your Ying and Yang!

Without Super-Villains, Superheroes would be little more than super errand boys.  They’d take their powers in stride, get lazy and soon become passe in the eyes of the public.

Bad as they are Super-Villains keep the good guys on their toes, force them to hone their skills and abilities and draw a definite line between good and evil.

Besides that, Super-Villains are just plain cool!  The truth be told they tend to be much more interesting characters than superheroes. 

After all Super-Villains don’t see themselves as bad guys, just misunderstood and unappreciated individuals who see things a little bit different as society in general.

In DC Comics Super-Villains 100 Greatest Moments, published by Chartwell Books, and written by Robert Greenberger, readers witness the highlights from the history of the world’s greatest Super-Villains.

Sporting a full-color, wraparound book cover designed by Anna D. Puchalski, the oversize hardbound book is brimming with Super-Villain goodness (uh-badness).

Listed in alphabetical order, starting with Adolf Hitler and ending with Vandal Savage, the book chronicles the greatest crime capers foisted on society by each villain along with a quick rundown about their origin and modus operandi.

Full-color cover art, spot illustrations, full-page splashes and interior pages all combine to make this the ultimate visual assembly all about DC’s Super -Villains.

Bring on the bad guys!

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