Thursday, June 6, 2019

Tesla, Alice, Espionage, Cults and Nether

What one man is the most responsible for the electrical grid that supplies Alternating Current to every home, business and government around the world?

If you said Thomas Edison you would be wrong.

While Edison did promote the grid and was responsible for its growth, he did not originate Alternating Current.

In fact Edison envisioned a world powered by Direct Current. 

When he realized that Tesla’s Alternating Current was much more efficient and innovative he effectively destroyed Tesla’s chances at success.  It’s ugly, but true.

Nikola Tesla invented Alternating Current and it was only because of his bad business decisions and Edison’s intervention that he is not touted as the innovator, genius and visionary that he so richly deserves.

Tesla started out a poor Croatian immigrant who at a very early age exhibited his remarkable genius.

Tesla’s genius when it came to electricity and engineering was second to none.

His visionary insights into the future saw a world with free broadcast electricity using the Earth itself as a conductor, incredible strides in electrical vehicles and uses and much more.

Tesla; The Man, The Inventor, And The Age Of Electricity, written by Dr. Richard Gunderman and published by Carlton Books looks into the life of Tesla, his victories, his failures and his life so full of potential relegated to the backseat and eventual destitution.

Who better to tackle a puzzle than Lewis Carroll’s Alice?

After all she did tumble down a rabbit hole, solve all sorts of unusual puzzles and riddles and managed to escape the Wonderland madness.

In Alice In Puzzleland, authors R. W. Galland and Jason Ward put Alice through her paces in a wonderful new book of mind-bending puzzles and riddles that will make the Mad Hatter even madder than he already is.

Fall down, down through the die-cut keyhole where a Wonderland of puzzles and riddles await.

Beautifully illustrated, using vintage clipart and original Alice drawing, the book is a real brainteaser that would make the Cheshire Cat proud.

The world of espionage and spying is glamorized in novels, movies and TV.

But the real world of espionage is anything but glamorous and filled with gorgeous women, elegant social affair, fast cars and clever gimmicks.

While elements of each exist to a small degree in espionage the real world of spies, international intrigue and counter intelligent is filled with danger, blood, guts and sweat.

Few hours are spent at casinos or sipping expensive wine and eating gourmet food.

In The History Of Espionage: The Secret World of Spycraft, Sabotage And Post-Truth Propaganda, author Ernest Volkman blows the lid off the myth of the super-spy and the exotic world of espionage.

Readers are given a front row seat to the long and dangerous theater that is espionage, starting in ancient times.

Learn all about the grim, dingy and dangerous world of espionage with all its pitfalls, characters and the specter of death that pervades every moment.

Weapons, techniques, codes and more are examined up until the modern digital age.

What is it about Cults that so captivate human curiosity? 

Why are so many people caught up in their lies, misconceptions and often-fatal conclusions?

In The History Of Cults From Satanic Sects To The Manson Family, author Robert Schroeder examines what makes cults click.

Learn how cults form, the charismatic leaders who enthrall and often entrap followers, their rituals, rules, punishments and extreme rhetoric.

It is no surprise many cults glean their members of cash and possessions, make promises they cannot keep and deceive countless thousands.

The book identifies past and current cults, their modes of operation and how they entrap people, deceive many and ultimately destroy the lives of those foolish enough to believe their lies.

The book focuses in on cult leaders, cult practices and is supplemented with photos and art.

I am a big fan of the Stranger Things TV series.  Puzzles From The Nether offers a frightening addictive puzzle adventure inspired by the world of Stranger Things by author Jason Ward.

Readers must decipher messages from the other side and by solve puzzles in order to escape.

Filled with colorful illustrations, photos and quirky facts and insights the book brings the world of Stranger Things up close and personal.

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