Thursday, August 29, 2019

Wheels On The Bus, Mr. Pop!, Banana Blast and Spellcasters Game

One of our grandson’s favorite songs is ‘Wheels On The Bus.”

It almost drives us to distraction because once he starts singing it-it never ends!
Be that as it may, I am excited by the new Wheels On The Bus Game from Goliath Games/Pressman Toy Corporation.

Made for kids three years old and up, our grandson will have to wait a few more months before he can play, but I know he will love it!

Up to four players can play at one time. 

The game requires three AAA batteries in order to play the Wheels On The Bus song and various sound effects.

Here’s how it works.

Players take turns going around the circular road.  Kids listen to the music and with a little luck one player will gather all the parts they need for the bus and win.

Kids can sing along, dance and have a merry old time as they ’open and shut’, go ‘round and round’, swish swish’ and ’beep! beep!’

The game teaches kids to follow instructions, play well with others, have fun singing and dancing and develops their motor skills.

Included in the game are an Electronic Singing Bus made out of durable and kid-tough plastic, a Game Board, 4 Movers and Mover Stands, 20 Tokens (5 Wheels, 5 Horns, 5 Wipers and 5 Doors) and Complete Instructions.

It’s more than a board game, it’s fun and excitement all rolled up in a colorful box.

I can remember one of my favorite toys growing up was Mr. Potato Head.
Many, many years ago, Mr. Potato Head used an actual potato and kids poked Mr. Potato Head’s face and body parts into the unfortunate spud.  Now a plastic potato is used.

What if I told you that there is a game that has build-a-face figure that is more fun then Mr. Potato Head and even more hilarious?

Up to four players race to build Mr. Pop!’s head before the timer goes pop! and Mr. Pop’s face shoots out all of its parts!

Using the Face Cards, kids race to put all of Mr. Pop!’s 23 Face Pieces on his head as he takes a nice warm bath.

He sits waist deep in his bath tube that includes a faucet Timer.

Once the Timer is pushed players play as fast as they can before Mr. Pop! goes pop!

Twelve Face Cards and Complete Instructions also come with the game.

Kids four years old and up compete in a clever new game that develops coordination, speed, fast thinking and teamwork.

It’s a fast, fun and frantic face-off that kids and adults are sure to enjoy playing.

Like all Goliath Games Mr. Pop! comes in a sturdy box, includes parts that are rugged and kid-friendly and are easy to learn and quick to play.

Are you ready to go bananas?

You will be once you play Banana Blast Game.

Up to five players who are four years old and up roll the dice and try to pick the most bananas.

But, be careful because Banana Joe The Monkey is greedy and wants all the bananas for himself.  Once time is up he jumps scattering the bananas everywhere!

Try to catch the flinging bananas and players can get a big bonus if they catch Banana Joe!

Along with the Complete Instructions there are a Jumping Monkey, a Banana Tree, 12 Bananas, 1  Die, a Sticker Sheet and loads of fun!

So if Banana Blast is the kind of game that ‘appeals’ to you be sure to ‘slip’ on over to your favorite store and pick yours up from the ‘bunch’ of Goliath Games available.

You heard me!  Quit ‘monkeying around!’

Who would had ever of thought that a series of books a young, orphaned warlock would spawn a multi-media empire featuring movies, toys, merchandise and games.

The newest Harry Potter game to hit store shelves is the Harry Potter Spellcaster Game straight from the Wizarding World.

Warlocks and witches (ages six years and older and up to eight players) play to prove who is the most proficient and accurate when it comes to casting spells.

It’s not as easy at it seems.  Each player uses the Large Plastic Wand, takes a card and by flicking and moving the Wand try to match the shape on the card selected.  Other players try to recognize it using the tiles.

The first player to recognize the spell on the tiles in front of them becomes the Spellcaster!

It takes skill, a good memory and some magical talent to earn the Barnabus Finkley Prize for Exceptional Spell-Casting.

It’s magical!

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