Thursday, October 31, 2019

smArt Pixelator

Get ready to get pixelated!  Flycatcher Toys presents its smArt Pixelator light up toy!

No, no,  smArt Pixelator is not a new type of Terminator, although you could make a 3D robot if you want.

Made for kids seven years old and older the smArt Pixelator uses light and digital technologies to create amazing portraits and art right from photographs and art!

Kids can use the enclosed art projects or create their own by downloading images using a smart device and the enclosed app.

With 50 projects included, the smArt Pixelator also lets children use six designs right out of the box with its preloaded SD card.  Turn it on and follow the light patterns.  Use the colors displayed or get creative and use you own color scheme.

The possibilities are endless!  Kids can pixelate any design and build 2D and 3D projects using Bluetooth connectivity, lights and creativity tools.

Included are an AC Adapter, two battery compartments, a SD Activity Card Slot, six Control Buttons, LED Indicators, 300 smART Pixel Beads. a Reusable Bead Tray, an Ironing Paper Sheet, a Bead Applicator, a light up Activities Display Screen and four Tray Holding Pins.

Pixelate photos you take or from existing photos
smArt Pixelator encourage creativity, eye/hand coordination, dexterity, and critical thinking and technical skills.

Additional Sets include an Organizer, Peg Set, Sequin Set, Beads Set and Bracelet Marker Set.

Kids will have a ball recreating photos in pixelated form, art and 3D objects.

It’s easy to use, simply place the beads or sequins, etc onto the tray using the applicators, remove the tray, cover with the ironing cloth, iron the design and before you know it kids have a perfect piece of art!

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