Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Teen Titans Go! Vs Teen Titans

Two!  Count ‘em, two.

As if one Teen Titans team was not enough.  Now there are two!

When the Teen Titans Go! team takes on the Gentleman Ghost he attempts to take over Raven.

Her forehead gem is cracked and some of her demonic power is released.

Her demon father Trigon tells Raven her demonic half is taking over.  He offers to help-she refuses.

Out of nowhere appears the Master of Games who traverses the Multiverse pitting the 2003 Titans against the 2013 Titans but only after he threatens their worlds.

The 2003 team manages to defeat the 2013 team, save Raven who has manifested into her demon form.

The 2003 Raven unleashes her power against the 2013 Raven and snaps the 2003 Raven out of it.  They realize that the Master of Games is actually Trigon who is siphoning her powers to reanimate the 2013 Trigon.

The two Trigons escape to 2013 with the Ravens leaving the combined Teen Titan teams in a quandary. How do they travel to 2013 to stop them-if only they had a device?

It just so happens Santa Claus has such a device and Teen Titans battle him to get it.

The fight between the Titans and Mr. and Mrs. Claus is absolutely hilarious, especially when they start jumping from alternate earth to alternate earth.

There are so many Teen Titan teams; aquatic, cartoon, cute animals, robots and more.

The Titans defeat the Claus, get their alternate earth traveling device and travel to 2013 earth for the fight of their lives.

The Trigons are not pleased to say the least.

The Teen Titans Go! Vs Teen Titans Blu-ray/DVD/Digital code Combo Pack from Warner Bros. Animation pits the teams against other in a no-holds-barred battle with tons of action, lots of humor, some surprising moments and a shock ending that is sure to have Teen Titans talking for years to come.

It’s a fun, fast-packed, fantastic, in your face direct to Blu-ray/DVD animated adventure that also includes sing-alongs, several featurettes and nine bonus cartoons.

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