Monday, November 4, 2019

May Cause Side Effects, The Misery Index, Acme’s Most Wanted and Shark Bite

Games?  We've  got games!  Lots of games!  Just ask Goliath Games/Pressman Toy Corporation.

They have games for little kids, grade school kids, teenagers, young adults and old timers (like myself)

For the young adult gamer comes May Cause Side Effects from Games Adults Play.

Gather into teams of two players.  Each team picks five Blue and five Red Pills and shuffle them by color and makes two piles.

Whatever player was to the doctor the most recently chooses one Red and one Blue Card and one Trial Card.  A Timer is set for 40 seconds.

The ‘Patient’ then selects the corresponding indicated color word on the Trial Card.  The patient then tries to get the other players to guess the chosen word using gestures, funny noises or whatever it takes.  No part of the word may be said.

Once the word is guessed the patient can go onto another Trial Card until Timer runs out.  When the word is guessed the team who guessed it discards a Red or Blue card.

Whichever team gets rid of their Blue and Red Cards first wins.

It’s a hilarious good time as Patients contort, make funny noises, act out or perform other ‘side effects’ to get their point across.

Included in the game are 50 Blue Cards and 50 Red Cards and 100 Trial Cards.  Timing is done on a watch or handheld device.

Just how awful can things become?

It’s up to players 14 years old and up as they gauge what messed up stuff ranks the worse.

Two hundred Situation Cards layout some pretty gross stuff from sunburn on the beach to seeing your dad naked.

Three rounds determine who has the highest Misery Index guesses correct and compiles the winning Misery Lane.

It’s gross, disgusting, outrageous, unsettling and fun.

Why should kids have all the gross fun?  Teens and adults need to get grossed out too. The Misery Index is made for two players from Games Adults Play.

In Carmen Sandiego Acme’s Most Wanted Board Game from Pressman gamers play Carmen and travel all over the globe.

They examine players Cards to deduct the who, what, where, why and how valuable loot was stolen.

Do you know who did it?  Travel to Isle of VILE to announce your conclusion.  Are you right?  What if you’re not?  Can you stop the thief?

Choose one each of Location, Loot and VILE Villain Cards.  Seal the in an envelope the Cards indicate tells the where, what and who).

Shuffle the remaining Cards and distribute evenly to two to four players.  Each player gets a Passport, Carmen Mover and Mover Stand. 

They then choose a location on the map. Passports are used to take notes. 

Players make deductions and if another player has a specific person, place and thing the card is shown to the other players thus eliminating possibilities. 

The first person to make it to the Isle of VILE and guesses correctly wins!

The game includes a World Game Board, four Carmen Movers, four Carmen Mover Stands, one Die, nine Location Cards, six Loot Cards, six VILE Villain Cards, one Envelope, four Carmen Passports, four Wipe-Off Markers and one Isle of Vile Token.

Travel the world, solve the crime and win the game-only from Walmart.

Four players ages four years old and up get to go fishing courtesy of Pressman.

If only it were that simple.
Players take turns rolling the Die.  Whatever number shows up on the Die indicates the number of fish that must be caught before the hungry Shark attacks and gets the fish/sea creatures and the player’s Fishing Rod.
Collect your fish but if the shark attacks you lose.  Whoever is left playing wins.

Shark Bite includes a Hungry Shark, twelve Sea Creatures, one Fishing Rod, One Die, one Sticker Sheet and complete Instructions.

Think fast, fish faster and watch out for that hungry Shark!

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