Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Steven Universe The Movie

Rest...at last! Time to kick back, breath in slowly, put your feet up and take a little R & R.  After saving the universe Steven deserves some rest.

Yeah, right!

There’s a new Gem in town and she not only wants to kill Steven but to destroy all organic life on Earth as well.

Her powers are formidable.  She turns Steven’s Gem friends back into their gem forms and diminishes Steven’s Powers.

She sets up a giant drill to inject a poison into the Earth and wipe out all organic life.

Desperate Steven calls upon all his allies, cranks up the music and song and readies himself to meet his new foe-face to face.

Included on the
Steven Universe The Movie DVD from Warner Bros. and The Cartoon Network is a one-hour documentary about how the film was pitched and produced, a very special selection of songs and a three-inch, custom vinyl of the first single from the movie.

It’s a big universe out there and who better to protect it than Steven Universe?

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