Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Doctor Who Series 4

From Underground Toys comes Series 4 of its Doctor Who series of toy figures from Character Options, Ltd. From the highly-poseable, fully-articulated set of figures I've selected five that I find particularly cool.

Each and every figure is nicely sculpted with not frayed edge match-ups in the articulation points. paint application is clean with no slop over and each figure captures the likeness of whatever character it is fashioned after.

Package design is first-rate with the figure snuggly fitted behind a double-tier plastic bubble with the first step holding the character's name and description, the second layer the figure itself and the final layer molded into a backing card wraparound. The hanging package is sturdy, not easily bent and protects the figure perfectly.

Figures I have of the set include the Vashta Nerada Suit Creature with its skull behind a clear face space helmet and stripped spacesuit in white and light blue. This is the scariest creature of the set. Imagine coming across this at night!?

The Sontaran Trooper is dressed carapace-style blue metallic body suit with segmented chest, torso and limb armor, oversize shoulder armor and a large deep blue helmet that covers the entire head and face. Along with its three-finger hands comes a formidable black energy rifle.

Donna Noble is the next figure. Her long wavy red hair cascades over her shoulders. She wears a deep brown long coat with fur lining, collar and wrist coverings. She wears deep blue pants and black shoes. Pay particular attention to the details in her face. She comes with a special Top trumps card.

The Doctor comes with five cuddly Adipose creatures. He is dressed in his standard blue pin strip suit, blue shirt and ties, white shoes and he wears a set of horn rim glasses.

Davros comes in a Dalek mobile chair painted silver and black. He is strapped in his cybernetic chair by shoulder and back mounts. they hold his atrophied body. His face and head are deep brown crowned by a silver cranium interlink. His one free hand is encased in a silver cybernetic glove.

His mobile chair has full front controls, wheels that work and lots of detail. All of the Doctor Who figures are highly -detailed, fun to play with and collect and as sales reflect, very popular.

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