Friday, March 5, 2021

Die Hard

I absolutely love all of the Die Hard movies starring Bruce Willis as police detective John McClane.

Die Hard The Ultimate Visual History the oversize hardbound book from Insight Editions celebrates the movie franchise.

Authors James Mottram and David S. Cohen provide an exhaustive study of the films from concept to completion.

Complemented with hundreds of photos and illustrations along with insightful production notes and details the book is a massive archive of the films.

Behind-the-scenes photos and interviews, never seen before missing scenes and other fascinating observations and recollections fill the book.

Look for special inserts that recreate documents, special effects secrets, stage settings, actors and production staff recollections and so much more.

Costume designs, set and location photos, storyboards and information about the cast, crew, soundtracks and other production information delve heavily into the making of the famous film series.

All five films are examined including comments about the films’ imitators.

It’s a delightful excursion into creation of a film icon and the processes by which the films were brought to the big screen.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Fly

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby were one of the most creative comic book teams in history.  They were responsible for a plethora of superheroes such as Captain America, invented Romance Comics, pioneered kid teams and challenged the medium their entire careers.

One of their creations was The Fly.  While the initial run of The Fly was short it influenced a number of young creators over the following decades.

When Rich Buckler agreed to head up the development of Archie Comics’ Red Circle imprint, one of its properties was The Fly.

While the initial release of the Red Circle Comics went smoothly editorial and publisher woes plagued the imprint.

Rich soon found himself at odds with the publisher, burdened by deadlines, dealing with creators and various other unexpected delays and problems.

Tragically the Red Circle line of comics faded after only a few short issues.

Still there were high points as some well-known creators (Steve Ditko being one of them) turned out some stellar work.

Issues #1 and #2 of The Fly featured covers by legendary comic book artist Jim Steranko.

Issue #1 also included introductions to The Shield and Mr. Justice while issue #2 spotlighted The Hangman.

It’s a pity Red Circle did not succeed as many of the stories were well written and illustrated and showed promise.

But, economics and print production woes seemingly doomed the relaunch before it really got it legs under it.

Years later DC Comics would attempt to relaunch Red Circle with much of the same results.

Monday, March 1, 2021

DC Superheroes The Ultimate Pop-Up Book

DC superheroes are some of the best in the business.  Their adventures have thrilled readers ever since Superman was introduced in 1938.

Up until recently DC fans have settled for the printed adventures of the DC characters in 2D.  Not any longer.  For some spectacular 3D, in-your-face DC action check out DC SuperHeroes The Ultimate Pop-Up Book.

Little, Brown and Company published this oversize foldout masterpiece.  Matthew Reinhart was the writer and creator of the fabulous 3D foldouts of DC’s mightiest heroes.

The cover is of think paper stock with brightly color illustrations of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on its front with the DC Superheroes title in gold ink and a gold DC 75 logo on the back and spin.

Flip open 3D foldouts start with Superman then Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Darkseid, and a battle scene with DC heroes and villains battling it out.  All the pages include two small foldouts of key scenes and supporting casts.

It includes all sort of cool extras like a light up bat symbol, Wonder Woman's transparent plane and rope lasso and other cool props.

Colorful cutouts and clever pop-out shapes along with informative text about the characters make this a must have DC Comic Book fans’ gotta have list.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Dr. Zaius

I still remember four scenes in The Planet Of The Apes movie when it appeared in movie theaters in the late 1960s.

The first is when the Apes first appeared capturing the wild humans.  The second is when one of the astronauts is stuffed and put on display in a museum.  

The third is when Charlton Heston as astronaut Taylor utters the famous line” Get you dam dirty apes hands off of me!’  

The fourth is when Taylor discovers that The Planet Of The Apes is actually earth in the future when he sees the half-buried Statue Of liberty.

Of all the Ape characters the scientist Dr, Zaius was and is one of my favorites.

Sideshow Collectibles recreated the Dr. Zaius in perfect 12-inch articulated form its The Planet Of The Apes series of figures.

The Dr. Zaius figure comes in a Sideshow’s flip lid display box.  All sides are decorated with photos of figure and on the back of the box is a short description of the Dr. and the first Apes film.

Small photos of other character figures are also on the back of the box.

On the inside of the flip lid is a more comprehensive explanation of The Planet Of The Apes film.  Opposite of it is the figure and accessory area.

All are shielded by a clear plastic sheet for protection and display.  Sideshow cleverly made the edges of the paper that holds the plastic irregular mirroring the feel of the movie.

The figure and accessories (including a The Planet Of The Apes base and support wire) are held securely in place by a form fitting plastic cocoon and wires.

Dr. Zaius is fashioned after the appearance of a baboon.

His long hair, beard and skin are light brown of color with a slight twinge of red.

His facial features include a large muzzle area, deep set and wise eyes, a heavy brow and a small upturned nose.

His hands are of the same color and are pre-postioned to hold the sacred scroll and scroll tube with wooden handle, miniature statue of an ape with scrolls and standing by a rock table and has personal walking stick.

Dr. Zauis’ cloths are the same color as his skin.  

He wears a deep brown undergarment, a large open front coat with leather shoulders decorated in ape symbols and pants that allow his hairy, hand-like feet to go bare.  The pant bottoms are held in place by small straps that fit over the arch of his feet.

His feet rest upon leather foot-pads.

Sculpt work is impressive especially Dr. Zaius’ face and eyes and the stitching and details on the clothing are in scale and well done.

The figure poses easily under the loose clothing.  Clothing wrinkles and folds appear natural and do not bind when moved with the figure.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes

What do you get when you team-up two half-brothers and place them in supernatural predicaments?  You wind up with some of the wildest, wackiest and way out adventures where ghosts, legends and other Mesoamerican folklore come to life.

Somehow they manage to stumble, fumble and bumble their way through each encounter and come out on top.

Of course much of their encounters could have been stopped cold in their tracks if it wasn’t for the fact that the brothers caused them in the first place.

In the Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes, Cartoon Network/Warner Bros. DVD collection, the mischievous brothers Victor and Valentino manage to survive a whole season of supernatural shenanigans.

Throw grandma and their fire-breathing Chihuahua Ponchi into the mix, in the small town of Monte Macabre during summer break, and there’s no telling what will happen.

Portal after portal release various ghoulies, ghosts, demi-gods and a plethora of phantasms and its up to Victor and Valentino to stop them by whatever means necessary.

Join the brothers, and some of their way-out friends, as they defend their small town and mankind from folklore that come to life.

It’s adventures filled with wonder and weirdos.

Peanuts My Busy Books

Hail! Hail! The gang is all here!  

Join Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang in Phidal’s Peanuts My Busy Books that includes a storybook, 12 figurines and a playmat.

I’ve always been a big fan of Peanuts.  Although I’m not quite old enough to have read it when it first came out in 1950 (I was born in 1953) I do remember ‘reading’ it when I was about five years old.

It was a big deal back then to read the Sunday Funnies and Peanuts was one of my favorites.

I continued to read Peanuts until its creator Charles Schulz passed away in 2000.  The strip is still being published in newspapers and strip collection books are still being published.  I have several.

The Peanuts My Busy Book is designed for young readers.  Still, It’s one of the neatest Peanuts publications in my collection.

The heavy, glossy paper stock the book is made out of is perfect for young kids and with its flip lid, numerous strip pages inside and extras make it a great Peanuts collectible.

Besides the strip reprints the book also contains 12 small Peanuts figures of Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and Woodstock along with several other figures and familiar objects.

All are colorfully painted, look identical to their 2D cousins and make for great play on the included heavy plastic playmat.  The playmat depict several familiar scenes from the Peanuts strip

All are protected by a slip cover piece of clear plastic with the figurines in one cubby hole and the playmat in another.

The collection of strips, playmat and figurines make for a clever way for kids to see Peanuts in 3D.

Marvel Spotlight and Iron Fist

Mention The Uncanny X-Men and the name John Byrne is sure to pop up.

After all, he and writer Chris Claremont created some of the best string of X-Men stories ever seen in comic books.

Their combined talents introduced elements to the X-Men mythos and Marvel Universe that still reverberate today.

But, did you know that John actually drew the X-Men before he became the artist of The Uncanny X-Men?

Before John became a household name and megastar penciller he worked on several second-tier titles for Marvel Comics.

Iron Fist was one such title.

In the title’s 15th issue John had the opportunity to draw the X-Men facing off against Iron Fist.

It’s a real kick getting to see John tackle the X-Men.  It’s easy to see why he would soon be assigned the penciling chores on the X-Men when artist Dave Cockrum left the title.

Another future superstar artist was also testing his penciling skills on various Marvel titles.

Artist Frank Miller provided the pencils for Marvel Spotlight On Captain Marvel issue #8.  Assisting him was inker Bruce Patterson and writer Mike W. Barr.

Take a close look and you can spot Miller’s characteristic page layouts, unique pencils and knack for telling a story.

Both Iron Fist #15 and Marvel Spotlight #8 deserve to be collectors’ items as they showcase the early artwork of two industry giants.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Katana Kata-An Indie-Souls Like Game

Your master has died.  For years you’ve trained in the deadly martial arts both with your body and with weapons.

Someone has to pay and you set out on a quest to find your master’s killer.

Along the way you travel to temples, small villages, residences and wherever else the trail of revenge leads you.

You practice your deadly skills preparing for the next bloody encounter with assassins, martial artists and weapon experts.  All of you master’s apprentices who betrayed him must die.

You fight, you win, you die, but along the way you master new skills, obtain new weapons and become more and more deadly.

Martial arts can be learned, honing those skills takes time and in Katana Kata you learn and grow as you go

Slashing, stabbing, kicking, jabbing-whatever it takes-you carve a bloody path to your prey.

Katana Kata, from
Stas Shostak and publisher Samustai, offers stunning graphics, smooth scene transitions, easy to master controls and intense one-on-one combat.

The action shits from scene after scene with each setting faithfully recreating the look and feel of an Oriental environment.  

Realistic lighting, misty and foggy atmospheres, heavy shadows and expertly designed buildings and settings allow your figures to interact in a full 3-dimensional world.

Weapons break and shatter and its up to you to come up with creative ways to use them as you carve a bloody path through each level.

Game play is smooth, seamless and numerous scene transitions make the game challenging and exciting.  Enemies anticipate your moves, multiple adversaries tax your abilities and unexpected maneuvers keeps your wits sharp and your defenses on guard.

On the move or in motion you can never let down your guard and teach you to anticipate danger around every corner and in every situation.

Numerous environments affect your game play such as range of sight, high and low ground and shadow or light.

Regardless of the conditions, number of foes or the weapons available your quest for revenge moves forward.  Even death will not slow your pace.

Katana Kata, the game will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at the end of February 2021.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger

The moment he premiered in Nightmare On Elm Street the disfigured, burned face, fedora wearing, red and black stripe shirt wearing and razor glove brandishing Freddy Krueger became a modern horror classic.

Sideshow Collectibles created a 12-inch action figure of Freddy that has become a much sought after classic.

This is the first Freddy Krueger 12-inch figure produced by Sideshow.  More would follow.

Freddy comes packaged in a flip lid box with a full color photo of Freddy’s face on the cover partially hidden by the four blades of his gloved hand.

Inside Freddy is safe and sound in his plastic form-fitting cocoon and tie down wire straps and is seen behind a clear plastic sheet of plastic for viewing (or protection from Freddy!).  A single sheet of tissue paper protects the plastic sheet.

The fully articulated, 12-inch Freddy Krueger figure looks as horrific as its namesake does.

The face of the figure looks like all of its skin has been burnt off exposing the raw musculature underneath.

Freddy leers maniacally with his small craggy teeth all exposed.

His leer pulls at the flesh of his face giving it a twisted, taunt look.

The nose is bent down and slightly crooked and Freddy’s eyes stare menacingly from deep inside his swollen fleshy deep eye sockets.  

His bald skull is scarred and winkled with scars and burnt flesh.  Both ears are little more that flesh attached to bone and muscle.  

The scarring extends down to his neck and chest.

The figure wears a broad red and black strip shirt that is frayed at the bottom and wrists.  It hangs loosely on the figure and hugs Freddy neck at the top.

He wears dark brown trousers and black, laced shoes.

The left hand of Freddy is bare and shows scars and bony with little flesh and muscle covering the bones.

His right hand wears his black glove with long silver blades on each finger. Freddy's flesh shows through the palm of the glove.

Included with the figure is his dark brown and worn fedora hat.

The figure’s sculpt is nicely done with careful attention given to Freddy’s frightening features and scarred hands and neck.  Color application recreates the burnt and scarred coloring of Freddy’s face and body and the silver application to the blades emulate real steel.

Clothing stitching is precise and in scale.  The clothing falls naturally over the figure and moves smoothly and easily over the figure when it is posed.

Monday, February 22, 2021


A knife and a fork: simple everyday kitchen utensils.  They’re nothing special.  Wrong!

Have you even thought what life would be like without a knife and a fork?  Imagine trying to eat food or cutting a nice juicy steak.  Ever try doing either exclusively with a spoon?  Are you starting to get the picture?

We take both of them for granted.

When was the last time you went to a fast food joint only to be given cheap plastic eating utensils?  Try eating with those. The knife breaks half way through trying to cut a piece of meat or something as simple as a piece of fruit or vegetable.

The fork snaps just as you manage to get the food on it and forget the spoon-totally useless!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a knife and fork made out of metal that you can take with you no matter wherever you go?  Better yet-what if they fold up nice and neat, come in a package together and slip easily into you pocket, purse, glove compartment or wherever else you want them?

Have I got a surprise for you.

Cold4ged Inc. has the perfect solution.

Introducing its new knife and fork combination: Forkanife.

Each set is made of steel, folds neatly in half, comes two to a slide-in plastic container and is easy to use, carry and store anywhere.

The Sport blue slide-in container has a serrated knife and a four prong fork that clicks open and locks into place with the push of a small tab.  When you’re finished using them, clean them off, gentle push and they both swing back into their slotted handles at half the length.

Need a knife for spreading peanut butter, jelly, butter or some other soft food?  Choose the Travel black slip in case with a combination four prong fork and a rounded butter knife with a small serrated edge.

Push, snap in place, finish your task, clean them off, and flip back into place and presto! you’re done.

The Forkanife is a handy, convenient, easy to use combo that stands up to repeated use, is great for camping, travel and on the go.

Plastic doesn’t cut it but the metal Forkanife does.

Rick and Morty The Complete Seasons 1-4

They’re back!  Just when you thought it was safe to ply the space ways and alternate realities Warner Bros. Rick and Morty are back in the brand new Rick and Morty The Complete Season 1-4 Blu-ray/Digital Code Combo collection.

In this new collection the last season (4) aired is also included.  See my previous review of Seasons 1-3 to catch up:

Included with the collection is a poster.

Here’s a just a few of the highlights:

A love potion.
A vision of a future death.
Raiding an alien tomb.
Morty get a dragon pet.
An anti-gravity Jerry.
A snake astronaut.
The Story Train.
A super weapon.
An alien acid vat.
A sentient planet.
Beth's clone leads a rebellion.

Piqued your interest?  That’s just a small taste of what you can expect in Season Four.  That and a lot of other crazy stuff that only Rick and Morty can stumble into, somehow manage to escape and of course: drag their family into.

For some of the wildest adventures imaginable pick up the Seasons 1-4 collection today. Look for loads of commentaries, featurettes, a Sketch Gallery, production secrets and much, much more.

Freezing Chains

Is it cold in here or is it just me?

Opening up the new Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Structure Deck Freezing Chains just sent a chill up my spin.

Someone turn up the heat because it just about to get cold in here!  Not only has YGO got chilly it’s also bound up in chains.  Imagine being both freezing and bound.

Get ready for sub-zero game play as some of YGO’s cold blooded creatures get ready to duke it out.  It’s icicles, cold blasts and dropping temperatures as players bundle up, put on their gloves and mittens and prepare for a winter blast like never before.

Just look at what you get:

1 Preconstructed Deck of 46 cards
6 Ultra Rares
3 Super Rares
37 Commons
1 Double-sided Playmats/Dueling Guide

Bundle up, it freezing out there!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

The New Teen Titans #13, #14 and #15

One of my all time favorite Silver Age DC Comic Book titles is The Doom Patrol.

DC Comics decided to kill off all the members of The Doom Patrol back in the Silver Age.  It was a bold move at the time. The Patrol sacrificed their lives to save thousands.

For a number of years no Doom Patrol could be found, until November 1981 in issue issues 13, 14 and 15 of The New Teen Titans by George Perez, and Marv Wolfman.

In the story Garth (Beast Boy) searches for any surviving Doom Patrol members.  He discovers Cliff Steele (Robotman) stacked to a tree in a jungle.

From there things kick into high gear as The New Teen Titans get involved and come face-to-face with some of the Doom Patrol’s old enemies and an old enemies of their own.

As good as the New Teen Titans storylines had been and the quality of Perez’s artwork was beginning with issue #13 things jumped into high gear.

In my opinion issue’s 13, 14 and 15 marked a turning point in the quality of the stories and art of The New Teen Titans.

Secure in the popularity of The New Teen Titans’ title and confident in their ability to tell interesting stories complemented by great art, the team of Perez and Wolfman went at it full speed.

From that point on the stories became bolder, more relevant and no longer relying exclusively on fisticuffs but more on good storytelling with fleshed out characters and situations.

The creative team delved into what made The Teen Titans the team they were.

Each member was fully realized, as were their antagonists.

The New Teen Titans continued to grow in popularity and in turn the DC Universe as a whole changed.  No longer was DC Comics the ‘corporate’ publisher.  Instead it took on a new, young and fresh vitality that echoed in all of its titles.  

DC began to take chances and it turned out some of the most spectacular successes of its long printing history.

And all of this is credited to a small group of teenagers who dared to challenge the status quo.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales The Art Of The Game

Several years back when Marvel Comics introduced Miles Morales as an alternate reality Spider-Man, after Peter Parker was slain, fan reaction was mixed.

Some loved the idea of a different Spider-Man, some did not.

Those that loved it won out and Miles Morales has become a hot hit.  Along the way an entire gambit of alternate realities (dubbed the Spider-Verse) populated by various Spider-Men and Women has been introduced.

Miles Morales continues to gain in popularity and as a result he starred in his own computer animated movie, has his own comic book series, showed up on TV and it appears a live action character of Miles will soon premiere in movies.

Recently a new Miles Morales Spider-Man video game has popped up and fans of Miles and video gamers are thrilled by its complexity, amazing graphics, and fleshed out characters and great storyline.

Titan Books and author Matt Ralphs present the Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales The Art Of The Game book that is so jam-packed with color art that it will make your head spin.  Talk about eye candy!

Inside readers (and especially video game lovers) are treated to character designs (good guys and bad guys), various environments, equipment, scenarios, concept and completed art and so much more.

Pages are brimming with beautiful art and screen captures, action scenes and everything else associated with designing such a massive and complicated video game world.

We tend to take video games for granted but the amount of work that goes into a video game such as this is massive.  Every single element from something as simple as a blade of  grass to cityscapes must be designed from scratch.

Imagination is number one in designing such a game.  A huge staff of video game designers, programmers, artists, mappers, lighting experts, engineers, architectural artists and dozens of other highly skilled artists and technicians made Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales The Art Of The Game possible.

Beautifully designed with a gorgeous Spider-Man in action rendering on its slip cover, the oversize hardbound book stars one of the world’s most recognizable superheroes but it also showcases the incredible scoop of creating this video game and gives credit to those who made it possible.

The amount of detail is amazing, as is every facet of this game.  

As a graphic designed I can't help but to be impressed by the game and by the book that chronicles its creation.

Look What's New! Diamond Previews, March 2021

Marvel Vehicles

Spider-Man has his webs, Thor his hammer, Captain Marvel flies (as do a lot of other Marvel Comics heroes) and some swim from location to location.

But what about the other heroes?  How do they get around?

In Insight Editions new book by Alex Irvine: Marvel Vehicles Owner’s Workshop Manual, readers are given a first-hand look at their different modes of transportation.

The book looks back over the decades to various versions of famous vehicles like the Avenger's Quinjet or the X-Men’s Blackbird.  There’s even an examination of the Spider-Mobile!

The book is broken down into the following categories:

Cars & Vans

Each section provides full color art, schematics and lots of fun and informative text.  It also includes some historical background on the vehicles along with their importance and relevance to Marvel Comics characters.

Think of it as mechanics’ guide to the coolest land, air, sea and space vehicles ever imagined!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Spider-Man and Deadpool

Before you have a coronary the cover of Marvel Comics'  Amazing Fantasy #15 seen is not of the original issue. 

It is a reproduction of the original that was given away free in the color comic’s section of newspapers back in the early 2000’s promoting the Spider-Man movies.

A number of the early Spider-Man issues were produced and remarkably many are now going for respectable prices.  Currently an issue #1 costs about $10.

If you can’t afford the six to seven figure price of an original mint copy then this reprint is just the ticket.

What can be said about Deadpool The Merc With A Mouth that hasn’t been said?

After a few guest appearances Deadpool finally received his own series in 1997.

The premiere issue was oversized and featured the art of fan favorite Ed McGuinness.

Joe Kelly provided the dialogue and stories and is to be credited for fine tuning Deadpool’s sarcastic sense of humor and sometimes bizarre behavior.

It’s one of the few comic books stating it is a collector’s item that actually lives up to the hype.

A raw copy sells for about $35 and a slabbed copy graded a 9.6 goes for around $100.  Prices continue to rise.

Monday, February 15, 2021


Sometimes a toy line comes out based on a movie property that is just plain scary.  Palisades Toys Resident Evil CODE: Alexia is one such toy line.  

Four figures came in the set.  I’ll be reviewing Alexia Ashford, the daughter of the original recipient of the T-Virus.

Starting with the packaging. This is a clever piece of plastic packaging.

The figure and accessories are encased in a plastic cocoon and covered by extruded piece of plastic with a small side panel displaying the other figures in the set with the enclosed figure panel printed darker and more predominant.

Behind the small panel is the tailpiece that can be attached to the figure.

Along the top are the large words “RESIDENT EVIL” printed in red.

On the lowered right corner is a Alexia name tag.  

The back of the hanging bubble pack is a photo of the mutated Alexia Ashford, along with small spot photos of the other Series 2 figures in the set.  A brief description about Alexia is also provided.

The Alexia figure is just over 6-inches tall.  Her skin is primarily light.   gray/green.  The figure is nude with its more private parts covered by green plant matter of vine and foliage.  The foliage covers her right shoulder, arm and hand and most of her hip area and left leg and foot.

Coloration is striated in black, deep green and green.

Her face is almost entirely covered by her plant hair that hangs in clumps.  Only her yellow eye and green lips show.

An additional pop-on head is included that has long hair that which is swept up away from her face.  The right side of her face is plant matter.  Her remaining face peeks through.

Also included with the figure are two large wings of brown and green that look similar to dragonfly wings.  They attach to her back by two pop-in balls.  The support structure of the wings are plant matter, with thorns-that also cover part of her body, and the wings themselves are thin brown tree bark.

A long serpentine tail of plant matter in gray, green and brown can be attached to her lower back.  It is segmented as if prehensile.

A Resident Evil stand is included with dull red letters against a red/brown brick background.

The figure is articulated with swivel, ball and socket and hinge articulation points.

Color separation is clean with no rough edges and distinct areas easily identified.

The sculpting of the figure is of high quality and is hihgly creative and cleverly articulated with movement points hidden by bodylines and textures.

It is an extremely impressive figure which is well done and designed.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Former Herald of Galactus: The Silver Surfer #34

What distinguishes issue #34 of the second series of The Silver Surfer comic book is that is the first time that The Silver Surfer and Thanos meet.

For millennia The Silver Surfer has not slept.

He decides to stop at a nearby planet and catch a few winks.  He dreams of Death and her resurrection of Thanos so he can strike a balance of life in the universe by killing 50% of all living things.

Touted as the ‘1st Issue Of A New Era Of Greatness’ the issue lives up to the hype in a big way.

It spotlights the return of Thanos, a true revelation of Death and an epic confrontation between good and evil.

Up to this point The Silver Surfer had always been a tragic, stoic and honorable character.  He primarily dealt with personal struggles and demons and made for a sounding board about the state of mankind.

In this one issue The Surfer is transformed into a beacon of good, a symbol of what is right with the universe and a personification of the light side of existence as opposed to the dark side.

Jim Starlin provides a powerful story and artist Ron Lim turns out some great art packed with symbolism and disturbing images.

This comic book represents the baptism of The Silver Surfer into the battle between good and evil.

From its epic cover to its last panel revealing Thanos the story delivers on every page.  It deserves to be a classic and a true turning point inn the life of of The Silver Surfer and a key event in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Currently a raw copy will cost you about $15 and slabbed round $75 in near mint condition

Friday, February 12, 2021

Classic Horror! Friday The 13th Part VII-The New Blood

Creepy-that’s the best word to describe the Jason figure in Sideshow Collectibles Friday The 13th Part VII-The New Blood boxed figure.

A large picture of Jason’s hockey mask decorates the cover of the flip lid box. Inside the figure and accessories are nestled in their clear plastic cocoon with a clear plastic viewing sheet.

By far the most striking features of the figure is Jason’s head and face.

His dead gray skin covers 3/4th of his head.  The skin is pulled back over his nose making it appear as two nose holes as seen on a skull.

His puffed and misshapen kips partially cover his large white teeth that are crooked and misshapen.  

The left side of his cheek is open revealing the row of teeth beneath and the left side of his skull shows thorough at the left eye socket sans an eyeball.

Pock marks and scars cover his skin and his malevolent right eye stares out from under his heavy brow.

Two large scars run the full length from his hollow eye socket across the back of his skull.

Like Jason the figure is scarred, decaying and in several areas the bones underneath the skin are showing through, predominantly on the hands and feet.

The figure is dressed in a torn and tattered pair of green/gray pants and shirt.  The shirt has several buttons still remaining and has torn and shredded pockets with flaps and cuffs with buttons,

 The frayed trousers hang loosely in shreds over Jason’s black boots.

Included with Jason is his white hockey mask with red forehead symbol.  It is pierced by holes and is shattered on its left side.  When worn Jason’s skeletal face is seen through the shattered and missing part of the mask.  It fits snuggly over the head of the figure.

Jason comes with several weapons including a bloody axe with wooden handle, a metal spike, a large machete with a black handle and a curved sickle with riveted wooden handle.

The figure’s hands are made to hold each weapon.

Also included is a circular black base with the Friday The 13th Part VII The New Blood logo and a support wire for the figure.

The figure is also held in place by several strips of clear plastic.

The most striking features of the figure are its face, hands and feet.  The weapons are in scale, look completely authentic and Jason’s trademark mask looks just as terrifying in miniature form as its larger version.

The figure poses easily with or without its stand, moves smoothly in its tattered cloths and once posed with its weapons looks very imposing.