Friday, May 14, 2010

The Return Of Bruce Wayne #1

Bruce Wayne died-no, not really. When we last saw Wayne, Superman was holding what was thought to be his burned out corpse courtesy of Darkseids’ Omega radiation beams. Blackhand used his skull to conjure up the Black Rings and his corpse becomes a Blackest Night Black Ring bearer. But, neither item belonged to Bruce. Whose were they anyway?

No, Bruce was catapulted through time landing in a prehistoric land where warring tribes fight for survival.

When he mysteriously appears, a local tribe, populated by a few familiar faces, believe him to be from the sky if the silver rocket that also arrived with him is any indication.

When another tribe, ruled by a certain “Savage” attacks, they capture Bruce and it appears Bruce has survived only to perish in the past. What happens next brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “Bat Man”.

Just when things become interesting Bruce is once more thrown through time this time to the Pilgrim era. Too late Superman and other JLA members arrive in the prehistoric era tracking Bruce via Darkseid’s Omega radiation traces.

Grant Morrison provides the story and Chris Sprouse the pencils in what is sure to become a DC Comics classic.

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