Tuesday, July 13, 2010


What if you had the ability to manipulate time? What would you do with it? Would you use it for good or for bad? That's the premise behind Activison's new first-person action game Singularity. When a Russian Cod War experiment in time, element 99, goes terribly wrong you must use the Time Manipulation Device to unravel and repair the time line as you travel from 1955 to 2010.

Through your journey you must fight threats from the past, present and beyond as you scramble to save time before it is too late.

Singularity combines science fiction and horror as you bounce from alternate histories and parallel realities. Explore the secret Russian Base Katorga-12 and uncover long hidden secrets in documents, audio and video files and more.

Witness the shifting of history as you manipulate Echo Events, Time Shifts and Time Rifts. With Time Manipulation Device you can age or renew objects and people, stop time and control gravity. By using the Chrono Plug and Chrono Pull you can find your way through time and pull objects from the past or future.

An arsenal of weapons is at your disposal when using the Time Manipulation Device such as the E99 Seeker, Auto Cannon and the Dethex Rolling Grenade Launcher. You can even upgrade your weapons.

Play in Extermination or Creature Vs. Soldier modes with six-versus-six team based gameplay online.

Singularity is a bold new experiment in gameplay. The special effects, character designs, environments and storyline all combine to make a totally unique game that I predict will become a huge success with gamers. I was amazed at the time sequence effects-especially the reassembly of long dead objects and people and the rapid aging effects used against enemies.

This is no game for sissies as the action is intense, the adversaries ruthless and the gameplay fast and furious. Isn't it time you played Singularity?

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