Thursday, September 2, 2010

The First Doctor And Electronic Tardis

Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate and dozens of other science fiction movies and television series all owe a great debt of gratitude to the granddaddy of all science fiction broadcast series, the BBC’s Doctor Who.

Nearly 50 years ago the series began with the adventures of the displaced Time Lord and his intergalactic and time-spanning adventures. Highly eccentric, the first Doctor Who set the stage for many subsequent Doctors and an entire series of stories.

Popping in and out of time and space using his Tardis machine (disguised as a London Police Box) the Doctor continues to thrill audiences today with his wildly unpredictable adventures and his encounters with both friendly and hostile aliens.

I have never had the opportunity to watch the first Doctor Who adventures (I started the series when Tom Baker played the part) but with the assist of Underground Toys I feel as if I’ve been watching the Doctor from the start.

Recently Underground Toys released an incredibly detailed reproduction of the first Doctor in its new The First Doctor And Electronic Tardis toy set. Did I say toy? No, it’s much more than that-it’s a work of art!

The Doctor figure looks as exactly like the first time traveler. Dressed in checkered pants, long dark blue coat with blue stripped scarf, black shoes, black shirt and deep blue old-fashioned bow tie and black Russian cap, the Doctor also comes with a walking stick and a human skull. The sculpting and paint application are superb with no flashing or paint slop over. The figure is articulated and stands easily on its own. Special attention has been given the face sculpt. Sharp features, piercing eyes and long gray hair capture the essence of the actor portraying the Doctor.

Included with the Doctor Who figure is the deep blue Police Box. The disguised Tardis has front doors that open and snap shut, eight white trimmed windows around its sides (two per side) Police Box lettering, a panel detail, decals and a silver handle with door lock. On top of its tiered roof sets is an encased red light.

The recessed panel Tardis also has some surprise features that are sure to thrill Doctor Who fans. Insert three AAA batteries into the back section of the Tardis, flip the on switch and when you lift the Tardis off a hard surface it gives off its signature time swooshing sounds and the roof light flashes.

Hold the Tardis aloof and the light continue to flash for up to five minutes. Place the Tardis back down on a hard surface and the light stops. To activate the sounds and lights all you have to do is lift it again.

The Doctor Who figures fits easily into the Tardis. Both the Doctor Who figure and the Tardis are displayed in a clear front and top panel box with full color illustrations and photos decorated all sides. On the back of the box is a short biography of the Doctor. The first Doctor figure is fashioned after his appearance in An Unearthly Child, as is the Tardis.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to purchase any Underground Toys Doctor Who figures and accessories now’s the time to start. All of Underground’s products are of the highest quality and workmanship and deserve to be part of any collection.

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