Thursday, October 21, 2010

DJ Hero 2

Get ready to dance! Activison’s new DJ Hero 2, for all game consoles, brings the dance floor to your home with its DJ versus DJ gunplay featuring some of the top performers of all time. Lady Gaga, Deadmau5, and Dr. Dre are just a few of the big names who contribute the wall-shacking, get-down-and-dirty, dance-until-you-can’t-dance-any-more soundtracks.

Twin turntables let players mix, match and do Freestyle scratching while the microphone lets any vocalist sing along to the lyrics.

Look for six new multiplayer modes including Party Play and DJ Battle brings out the competitor in players with call-and-response game play.

New players can start out in Empire Mode and after building their experience as a DJ they can eventually become the head of a nightclub empire with other DJs as their employees.

DJ Hero 2 players can match their skill against other players on and offline and keep a track of each competitor’s game level.

New features for DJ Hero 2 include Held Notes, Length Scratches, Freestyle Scratching, Freestyle Crossfading, Freestyle Sampling and Star Meter.

Regardless if you’re a DJ, singer or just want to dance along to the beat, DJ Hero 2 delivers on all levels.

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