Friday, February 11, 2011

Betty #190

Betty shares some Fact From Fiction in her honest and upfront truth behind her fellow Riverdale resdients.  Learn all about Reggie, Archie, Veronica, Dilton, Principal Weatherby and Jughead in Betty #190 from Archie Comics.

While working at the library Betty goes to lunch with Archie and hits upon a clever new idea. Unfortunately for her it winds up being one of her worst ideas-at least as far as keeping Veronica away from Archie. Chuck and Betty dream up a series of adventures for betty if she had superpowers.  But when it comes to reality her powers extend to convincing Archie of anything.
Betty and her friends try out for the local roller derby.  Turns out none of them are tough enough, but they are talented enough to use their skating talent to help the Riverdale Animal Shelter.

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