Friday, May 6, 2011

Beanz And Gomu

What is it about collecting small objects that is so fun!? People have collected little trinkets and valuables for decades. Just look at stamp collecting, marbles, charm bracelet pieces, etc. Throw in the fun and play factors and it’s even more excting. Look at the popularity of miniature game pieces and small toys such as Micro Machines and the like.

I’d like to introduce you to two miniature collectibles with tons of fun factor. One has been around a little while and the other is brand new. I’m taking about Spin Master Toys’ Mighty Beanz and Gomu Eraserland.

I remember as a kid being fascinated by Mexican jumping beans. Place one of the beans on a table and watch them move! Beanz reminds me of them, only with a high-tech twist.

Beanz are small hollow plastic capsules with weighted objects inside. Toss them on a table or floor and they do the craziest things: like standing on end, twisting and turning in odd ways and moving about it unpredictable directions.

Gather with a few friends and you can play some cool games such as a modern version of a marble toss, incline races and so forth. They’re fun to play with, feature outrageous graphics based upon a theme, depending on the set you purchase, and are fun little items to collect. Each theme Beanz collection is limited in number and, like stamps or figure collecting, have their own rare selection.

What makes collecting Beanz so much fun, and challenging, is that each pack hides at least one of the Beanz you receive. You never know what you might get-sort of a capsule version of collecting trading cards. Beanz sets to look for include Marvel Universe (60 in a set), Star Wars (60 in a set), DC Universe (54 in a set) and Mightily Beanz (100 in a set).

Additional packages are available such as the three pack Mighty Beanz where all of the Beanz are hidden. Look for six Mighty Beanz Machinez-small vehicles that roll and hold a wibbly, wobbly Beanz and the Star War Millennium Falcon collectors case that holds 40 Beanz and comes with two Star Wars Beanz (Han Solo and Chewbacca) in its clear pilot cockpit.

Regardless of what Beanz you collect you’ll get a kick out of the colorful graphics, fun packaging and the unpredictable behavior of your Beanz.

Equally as fun to collect (although not as active) is the brand new Gomu Eraserland eraser sets. Like Beanz, the Gomu Series 1 consists of 100 items-some extremely rare.

Gomu is broken down into categories such as Pets, Home, Gadgets, etc. Each colorful eraser in each subset revolves around its particular theme. Erasers can be an object or animal that come in several pieces (such as make-up or a marker) and come packaged in a variety of ways: 6 erasers with 2 hidden, 3 erasers with 1 hidden and single eraser sealed in an opaque package. You never know what you might get and that’s what makes it so much fun collecting Gomu.

I teach school and students love little funky school supply items such as shaped rubber bands, theme pens and pencils and Gomu Eraserland erasers are sure to be a bit hit with students.

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