Saturday, June 4, 2011

Expose 9

I admit it, I'm jealous.  Who wouldn't be?  Any self-respecting artist or designer is sure to be jealous of the incredible digital artwork in Ballistic Publishing's Expose 9.  

Featuring the 'Finest digital art in the known universe', the book is a visual treat that just keeps getting better, page-after-page. 

In most 'serious' art circles digital art is not considered 'legitimate' art. After all, it's not painted on canvas, no paint mixing is required and the computer does all the 'hard work.'  Yeah, right.  I couldn't disagree more.  I'm sure when acrylic paint was first introduced artists who painted in oils 'poo-pooed' it.

As an artist/designer myself and a teacher of the same, I am in awe of the talent of modern day digital artists.  Not only do they possess traditional art knowledge but also an understanding of the elements and principles of design and an expertise in color theory, composition and the like.  They also must know and understand and utilize computers.

Equally impressive is their grasp and innovative use of 2D and 3D drawing programs with all of their idiosyncrasies.  They require a huge learning curve and take months, sometimes years to master.  Try sitting down and figuring out how Photoshop, 3D Max, Poser, Painter and other high-end, and expensive, art programs work and you'll see what I mean.

I consider myself a descent artist with a good understanding of some programs.  I dabble mostly in Photoshop and the occasional 3D program.  I possess no where near the level of talent displayed by each and every artist represented in Expose 9.

Every conceivable type of digital art is represented from portraits, fantasy, architecture, mechanical renderings, robots, whimsical and so much, MUCH more! Four hundred and forty four pieces of art are contained in Expose 9 with 327 artists represented from countries all over the globe.  

If you are anything like me your first reaction is to be jealous, then envious, then inspired and then appreciative of the tremendous talent represented in this book.  It truly is breath-taking.

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