Friday, July 22, 2011

The Complete Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 1

Although Star Trek disappeared from TV screens as an original series several years ago with Enterprise, the Star Trek fan base still exists stronger than ever.

When Star Trek: The Next Generation first appeared on TV there were mixed reactions from the fans.  Diehard original series fans weren't so sure they could warm up to a new Enterprise crew while others were excited to see Star Trek, in any form, back on TV.

With the success of the Star Trek movies fans were clamoring for more Trek.  While staying true to the original series, TNG soon found its own voice and so was launched a new Star Trek TV series franchise that would soon spawn three other Trek series: Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.

Rittenhouse Archive (Sci-Fi Hobby) has released a new Star Trek: The Next Generation Trading Cards series that covers the first half of the acclaimed series.  Over 500 images are taken from the first 88 episodes. 

Five Cards come per Pack with 24 Packs per Box.  Each Box is guaranteed to contain four Autograph Cards.  Mine consists of Jeff McCarthy, Dana Sparks, Alan Shearman and William Denis.  Fans should be on the look out for randomly inserted Cut Signature Gene Roddenberry Cards.

Other randomly inserted Bonus Cards include 18 Tribute Cards (I received 4), 13 Alien Cards (3 for me), 9 Enterprise Cards (2), 5 Communicator Pin Cards (zip) and 90 Parallel Base Cards (8).  All of the Bonus Cards are on high-gloss stock while the 90 Regular Base Cards are on matt finish stock.

Special multiple Case purchase incentives and a Collectors Album are also available.

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