Thursday, September 15, 2011

F-4EJ-Kai Phantom II

Hasegawa Hobby Kits' F-4EJ-Kai Phantom II is a modified fighter jet made specifically for the Japan Air Self Defense. First produced in 1968 under license from McDonnell Douglas, the aircraft was meant to last into the 1990s.

The upgrades included new radar capabilities based on digital designs and less hands-on switching controls manually. Much of the aircraft's capabilities are wired through the throttle control and a heads-up display allows the pilot to keep his eyes on his flight instead of glancing in the cockpit at dials.

The F-4EJ-Kai Phantom II 1:72 Scale model is designed with the more seasoned model-maker in mind. Ten part trees hold over 100 parts all of which detach easily from the trees with little or not flashing. Pieces fit snuggly together with little effort and minimal gluing. Decal and paint application is made easy when the detailed enclosed instructions are followed.

A twin seat cockpit can be displayed with canopy open or closed and landing gear can be shown up or down. Full armament and extra fuel tanks attach easily to the wings and body interior and exterior accessories and equipment are easily identifiable using the model piece number labeling and the part numbering illustrations and assembly instructions included with the kit.

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