Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fangoria #307, October

The Howling turns 30 and Fangoria magazine remembers, read some Dreadtime Stories, get ready for a third round of Paranormal Activity, watch the dead at ZomBcon, get One For The Road and the Clayboy Club presents Crepuscule.

Actress Jessica Harper found early fame in classic horror tales, get Deep Under The Skin, take shelter in madness, Chromeskull Shines On and check out The Latest Thing.

Find out who Alice Cooper is behind the mask, comic books have lots of Monster Power when added with audio, head Back To The Colony, Tucker & Dale Vs Evil and it's Bloody Funny and Jenny Wright managed to survive vampires and much worse.

Discover The Terror From Tijuana, don't go into the house and avoid the Dead Format.

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