Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CollectA Dinosaurs

The company CollectA’s theme\slogan is appropriately entitled ‘A natural world in miniature.’

Recently I had the opportunity to examine four dinosaur figures produced by CollectA. 2012 is the sixth year CollectA has produced such figures and I have to admit I am impressed.

Sculpting is first-rate with attention especially given to the texture of each dinosaur’s skin or hide and head sculpts capture the ferocity of the predators and the docile nature of the herbivores. Body proportions are solid, the figures stand easily on their own and paint application and detailing is spot on.

Figure molds are clean with no flashing or seam lines and one-to-one scaling keeps the figures proportional to one another.

The four figures I’ve chosen to review come from CollectA’s Prehistoric Life Collection. These figures are scaled small enough to fit into one hand. Larger scaled figures are also available as are boxed sets, Fossil Replicas, Fauna and other Prehistoric Life.

The figures consist of a Velocirapor with its jaws opened and claws extended-It’s a nasty looking little critter! I especially like the look o its face and the attention given to its teeth, eyes, hide wrinkles and the emphasis given to its characteristic claws.

The Stegosaurus look ponderous as it stands with it four massive legs solidly positioned under it. Beautiful tan and brown ridge plates run the length of its body and it complacent, almost sleepy looking, expression belies the fact that it is a formidable foe with its four spike tail used as a swinging weapon.

The Brachiosaurus Baby is a cuddly, cute, several ton bundle of joy with its stubby tail, chunky legs and long neck. Its pose suggests it is not very old and is just getting used to its mobility.

The Cryolophosaurus is easily the most colorful of the selection. Its large head is crowned by a red bone crest while its heavy jaws have overlapping teeth and its black intelligent eyes almost appear real. Its body is a light gray in color with wisps of dark brown accenting its more predominant muscles and joints and its huge rear feet dwarf its small front feet and legs. It has a long serpentine tail it uses for balance and defense.

Overall CollectA’s dinosaur collection captures the look and feel of the thunder lizards now long extinct. Flipping through CollectA’s 2012 catalog shows that the company has a huge selection of figures to choose from including all types of animals- some mythological. Check them out.

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