Friday, May 11, 2012

James Bond 50th Anniversary And Spartacus

Rittenhouse Archives/Scifihobby's newest set of James Bond Trading Cards are the most gorgeous yet.  James Bond 50th Anniversary Trading cards feature black and white and color photos from all 22 'official' James Bond films.

Ninety nine Cards make up the Base Set with 99 Base Parallel Cards packed one in every three six Card Foil Pack.  I assembled almost two complete regular Base Sets.  The Base Set consists of Gold Foil Cards with the 007 logo embossed on their surfaces.  Character bios are on the back of the Cards. 

The Parallel Base Set Cards (1 per every 3 Packs) are printed on gold foil with gold flecks and include a 007 logo embossed on their surfaces. Gold Plague Cards comes 1 in every 12 Packs (2 for me), James Bond Shadowbox Cards (1 in every 96 packs-none for me), three Autograph Cards guaranteed per Box (mine are Albert Moses, Corinne Gery and Vernon Dobtcheff), 18 Gold Gallery Cards (2 for me) and 11 Bond & James Bond Cards (I received Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton.

Case Incentive and Promo Cards are also available with 24 Foil Packs coming in each Box.

The popular Spartacus series has spawned a new 9 2012 Premium Trading Card Set.

Each Set includes 2 Autograph Cards (mine are Reuben de Jong and Peter Feeney), 2 Spartacus: Gods Of The arena Episode Cards, 1 Gladiator In Action Card, 1 Battle For Freedom Card, 1 Spartacus Vengeance Preview Card, 1 Women Of Spartacus Card and 1 Gold Plague Card.

Cards come packaged in a sealed, sleeved, heavy-stock Envelope/Pack with 15 Packs per Box.  A special Binder is available, as are Incentive Cards.