Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back Issue #58, August

In the August issue of Back Issue! #58 from Twomorrows Publishing the Bronze Age Justice League Of America is examined.  First up is a look back at the League’s Satellite years then it’s off to Earth Prime and then to Identity Crisis.
Michael Eury compiles the work of Dick Dillin, more Legacy of The Satellite Era is included, be sure to check out The Unofficial Justice League Of America And Avengers Crossover and Marvel’s own JLA team: The Squadron Supreme.
The Injustice Gang raise their ugly heads, discover is you’re a true Justice Leaguer, travel to the Motor City to visit the Justice League Detroit, Gerry Conway and Dan Jurgens looks at the Justice League then and now and it’s time for some Back Talk.
As with every issue of Back Talk! this issue is filled with writer and artist anecdotes, gorgeous black and white and full color art and so much information your brain will kick into overload.