Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Beatles In Comic Strips

It doesn't seem possible that The Beatles broke up as a group over 40 years ago! Having lived through the Fab Four era I saw the group grow from a teeny bopper, sweet song group to a relevant and controversial band of musicians and writers whose influence on popular culture was unprecedented.

Even today the ripple effect of their music and lifestyles resonate in Western culture and around the world.  The entire 'free love  and drugs' generation stemmed from The Beatles.  They influenced dress, art, music and other facets of society like no other music group before or since.

From Skira and Rizzoli International Publications and authors Enzo Gentile and Fabio Schiavo comes a unique look at the stellar pop phenomenon known as The Beatles.

The Beatles In Comic Strips follows the group's career though its teeny bopper days until its demise through comic strip and comic book art.

Beginning in the 1960s the comics explore every part of The Beatles' careers and continues long after they split up until present day.  Comic book, comic strips, editorial cartoons, cameos or mentions in various comic publications are all shown.

The Beatles as a group may be long gone but they live on in print in all of their four-color glory.  "All you need is love" and The Beatles in Comic Strips.