Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back Issue! #66, August

With all the new comic book team books coming out it's nice to go back and examine when team books were in their heyday.  Back Issue! #66 from TwoMorrows Publishing travels to the past and examines Super Star Studded Team-Ups!
Get ready for more superheroes than you can shake a stick at.  As always look for great art, fond recollections and more than a few insider surprises.
Here's what to expect:

BACK SEAT DRIVER: The Batman of Earth-B
Batman’s bravest and boldest writer, “Zany” Bob Haney

PRINCE STREET NEWS: The Rejected Team-Ups of The Brave and the
From the Bible to Young Love, an oddball octet of Batman outings

FLASHBACK: We Are (Super-Team)
DC’s most unpredictable team-up title has a warm spot in fans’ hearts

FLASHBACK: The Other Spider-Man Title: Marvel Team-
Chris Claremont remembers his Spider-team-time

ART GALLERY: Al Milgrom’s Marvel Team-Up Cover
FLASHBACK: Idol of Millions: The Thing in Marvel Two-in-
 Ben Grimm’s rollicking ride through 100 (-plus) issues with multiple cohorts and creators

BRING ON THE BAD GUYS: Super-Villain Team-
Really, can two megalomaniacs form a partnership??

GREATEST STORIES NEVER TOLD: The Search for Swamp Thing #
Art collector Jim Arnold’s quest for the unpublished Swamp Thing/Hawkman team-up

FLASHBACK: Men of Steel: Superman and Julius
Super-scribes recall the team-ups of World’s Finest Comics and DC Comics Presents

OFF MY CHEST: The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen
The Claremont/Simonson Breakfast Club of the Comics Crossover

HERO ENVY: Superman vs. Captain
An exhaustive look at the rivalry between the Man of Steel and World’s Mightiest Mortal

BACK TALK Reader letters