Thursday, July 25, 2013

Draw! #25, Summer

As an aspiring, wish I coulda been a comic book artist when I was younger, kind a guy, I love looking at the art of professional comic book artists, especially art from the Silver and Bronze Ages.
Of course I love the new art seen today, since it is so sophisticated.  I wish I could afford original art but with my original art budget (I have none) I have to settle for photos and reproductions.

Fortunately for me, and other comic book art lovers, TwoMorrows Publishing publishes Draw! magazine that keeps our comic book art addiction satisfied.

Just look what Draw! has to offer this summer in issue #25.  Yowza!

Mike Manley interviews the artist’s artist on creating from the abstract and the process of discovery.

A gallery of Yildiray Çinar’s personal sketches and commissioned illustrations.
Rough Critique
Bob McLeod gives practical advice and tips on how to improve your work.

Comic Art Bootcamp Mike Manley flies solo this time out. This issue’s installment: Color tells the story.
The Crusty Critic Jamar Nicholas reviews the tools of the trade.  This issue: Sensu Portable Artist Brush and Stylus.
Joe Rubinstein Inker extraordinaire Joe Rubinstein offers advice and demos his approach to inking.
Yildiray Çinar Mike Manley talks with the Turkish sensation about making it big in the American comics industry.