Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weedy Seadragon and Atlantic Flying Fish

Safari Ltd. sails the Seven Seas to bring you its latest aquatic pieces of miniature art with two new sea creatures that look so real they practically shed water.
First up  is the exotic Weedy Seadragon with its long snout, wing-like fins and serpentine tail.
Its large orange/red eyes complement its tan, yellow and deep brown torso while aqua blue strips decorate it sides and aqua polka dots accent its snout.  

Expertly crafted and detail the Weedy Seadragon appears almost iridescent.

Just as beautiful is the translucent 'winged' AtlanticFlying Fish with its silver tinged metallic blue scales, white underbelly and large black accented eyes.  

With its fin/wings trimmed in black and its tail fins slightly twisted the Flying Fish looks likes its...flying.

Check out the details on its scales, wings and face.

Both figures are nicely sculpted with no flashing, feature top-rate paint application and look almost as real as the actual creatures.