Monday, September 23, 2013

101 Ways To Kill A Zombie

How exactly do you ‘kill’ a zombie?  Isn’t that a wrong assumption?  After all, aren’t they dead already?  Regardless of the contradiction, Rob Pearlman’s new book from Universe (illustrated by Dave Urban) offers 101 solutions as to how to ‘off’ zombies.
Talk about inventive!  As gross as the subject may be Dave Urban’s illustration are just sanitary enough so that both he and the author can get away with it.

How do you kill a zombie?  Let me count the ways-all 101 ways.

Here are just a few suggestions: Knife, Password Reset, Microwave, Catapult, Flying Monkeys, Red Shirt, and Death by Chocolate-you can see where this is going.

For some truly outrageous ways to eliminate the undead be sure to pick up a copy of this book today-you never know when the Zombie Apocalypse may arrive.