Friday, November 22, 2013

Confessions Of A So-called Middle Child

I was (and am) the baby of the family.  I have three older half-brothers (one now deceased).  All of them were grown, married and gone by the time I was five which left my mother and I.  I never had to suffer the slings and arrows of being the “middle child”.  My best friend did.  
I used to hear horror stories how my friend’s older sibling lauded over the two younger children.  The youngest was (“Mommy and Daddy’s) favorite and my friend (the middle child) somehow managed to get blamed for almost everything.  It seemed he was always trying to prove himself and as a result he sometimes drew too much attention to himself-to his detriment.

Confessions Of a So-called Middle Child, by author Maria T. Lennon and published by Harper, takes a more light-hearted look at being the middle child.

“Charlie” is a typical pre-teen girl: gawky, all arms and legs and a little too smart for her own good.  So smart in fact that she landed herself in trouble-big trouble-and has to pay the price along with her family.

Her trouble making winds up seeing her family move away because of her unwise choice.  Now’s she’s in a new school, seeing a shrink and stuck between her “oh-so-perfect” older sister and “cute-as-a-button” younger brother. Life stinks!

To make amends her shrink gives her an assignment of sorts.  She is to search and befriend the most unpopular kid in her new school and do it in public!

She winds up with Marta the Farta and Marta and her life are about to change-forever!

Confessions Of A So-called Middle Child is a fun romp through the life of a young girl transitioning into a woman.  It’s about friendship, discovering meaning in life and the chance to start over.  I recommend the book to any pre-teen (middle child or not) to read and I guarantee they will see a little bit of themselves in both Charlie and Marta.