Friday, November 8, 2013

Fastest, Tank, Zombie, Gromit and Computer

Hop in, fasten your seat belt, turn on the key, start the engine, give it some gas and hit the road!  Join Haynes Publishing as it test drives the fastest road and racing cars on Earth.
Spotlighting cars from all over the world the book checks out the horse power hotrods with this new Pocket Manual that spotlights everything from factory to Formula One four wheel powder kegs.

If you have the need for speed then is the book for you!

For a different kind of vehicles check out Haynes’ Churchill Tank (1941-156 all models) Owner’s Workshop Manual.  While the Churchill Tank was not known for its speed it made up for it with its endurance, firepower and horsepower.

Take a visual tour of all of the Churchill Tanks including photos, schematics, tips on owning and maintaining the massive vehicles and with a little history thrown in on the side.

Weapons, crew stations, maintenance and all the accessories are covered in full detail.
You’re going to need a fast car or tank when you pick up a copy of Haynes’ Zombie Survival Owner’s Apocalypse Manual.

No worries.  With this Manual in hand you’ll learn all about zombies from the dawn of time up until present times. 

Learn how to identify, avoid, combat and survive zombies in all of their putrefied stages.
Spot the warring signs of zombie infection, train in the proper use of anti-zombie weapons, set up your own anti-zombie compound, scrounge for supplies, create anti-zombie patrols and even learn how to disguise yourself as zombie.

If you plan on being a survivor when the zombie apocalypse arrives then you MUST get a copy of this book-your life depends on it.

Haynes has combined both Wallace & Gromit Cracking Contraptions Manuals into one handy Manual.

Take a moment to look through the various time-saving contraptions built by Wallace & Gromit.  There are schematics, photos and full descriptions of the crazy contraptions so you can build your own.  Cheese and crackers anyone?

I’ve been working with computers for a long time.  Still, I find myself stumped by some of the simplest things concerning CPUs, monitors, software, hardware and all of the other bits and pieces that make up computers.

Your Haynes’ Computer The Beginner’s Guide Third Edition takes the mystery out of computers.

Learn all about the basics of computers, inside and out, from author Kyle MacRae using PCs running Windows 7.

Email, the internet, file structure, printers, peripherals-they’re all here in this handy new book about computers.