Friday, January 24, 2014

en Concert and Here We Go AGAIN

I am continually impressed by the work of the creative team behind the Zits comic strip: Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman.  “Why?”  Since you asked, I’ll tell you. 

Ask a high school teacher I can’t help but be impressed that they get it right when it comes to teenagers.

Jeremy (the star of the series) and his friends act like typical teenagers:  self-absorbed, insecure, haughty, demanding, rude, clueless, loud, awkward, besieged by hormones and testosterone and confident that their parents are totally out of touch.  Sounds like teenagers to me.

In en Concert Zits takes on parents, teen lust, music, cell phones, homework and every other conceivable teenage do and don’t imaginable.  For a healthy dose of what it means to be a teenager in the 21st Century be sure to check out en Concert.

For a totally different beast who shares many of the same attributes as teenagers: an insatiable appetite, messy manners, social awkwardness, clueless and a totally unrealistic view of life, pick up a copy of Jim Toomey’s newest Sherman’s Lagoon Collection: Here We Go again, starring Sherman the shark and his aquatic friends.

In Here We Go AGAIN Sherman and his fishy friends go fishing, ward off clownfish, practice Yoga and generally muck up their undersea society.

It’s illogical, comical and completely lovable.  Take a big bite of fishy fun with Sherman’s Lagoon from Andrews McMeel Publishing.