Thursday, May 1, 2014


“The fate of three worlds depends on the courage of four friends…The Battle for Vermonia has begun.”  So begins the story of Vermonia, the Manga series from Rosen/Candlewick.
Beginning with the ‘Quest for the Silver Tiger’ the Vermonia studio, headed by Saki, tells the story of Mel who is kidnapped by the evil General Uro and taken prison on another world.

Her three friends: Doug, Naomi and Jim (with the assist from Satorin: a magical Squelp) go to her rescue, unaware that Mel is not the only one who needs help.

As the General’s forces spread throughout the galaxy only the promise of a prophecy concerning four brave warriors fro Blue Star give the conquered any hope.

It now falls on the heads of Mel, Jim, Naomi and Doug to make that prophecy come true.

The adventure continues as Doug releases the Silver Tiger, the remaining friends continue their search for Mel, Naomi release the power of the Red Phoenix, The Turtle Realm is threatened, the Aqami join the fight and the Blue Warriors attempt to protect the Pillar of Thunder from General Uro.

Jim and Doug experience the Lake of Wishes and must fight against what they’ve always wished for, the Blue Warriors split into groups on separate quests and Jim must defend the last pillar: the Pillar of Wind.

Vermonia is a beautifully illustrated Manga series.  Every conceivable magical creature, power and mystical realm is well throughout and expertly portrayed.

Fantasy and sci-fi fans will enjoy Vermonia as much as Manga fans.  

It’s obvious from the detail and thought that went into the series that Saki and her studio artists are very proud of their first Manga.