Monday, October 27, 2014

Alter Ego #129, November

Get ready for the comic book worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs in this issue of Alter Ego from TwoMorrows Publishing.  Here's what to expect inside:
Writer/Editorial: From Missouri To Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs In The Funnies!
A history of adaptations of ERB’s work in newspaper comic strips, by Alberto Becattini.

Edgar Rice Burroughs In The Comic Books (1929-1972)
Alberto Becattini on ERB in comic books, from United Features through Dell & Gold Key.

ERB—Beyond The Silver Age
ERB comic books from 1972 to the present—examined by Scott Tracy Griffin.

“The Tarzan Art Studio”
The short, happy life of the ERB, Inc., comic book company, chronicled by
Henry Franke III.

The birth and development of the ERB, Inc., web comics line, revealed by
James Sullos.

Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt! Whatever Happened To The Boy Of Tomorrow? (Part 2)
Michael T. Gilbert presents the conclusion of Shaun Clancy’s interview with
William Aronis.

FCA [Fawcett Collectors Of America] #189