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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Justice League, Dragon and Peanuts

Schleich (makers of high-quality plastic toys and figures) presents some its new line of figures for 2015.
Each and every figure (based on real or imagined creatures and people) are superbly sculpted, precisely painted with mat colors and look exactly like their full size real or imagined inspirations.  

Those figures that come on or in display packaged are showcased by full-color art or photos of the figures contained.

Details abound and with Schleich's new round of figures there's something for everyone from superhero fans to fantasy and real life figure miniature collectors.

Based on the Justice League figures from DC Comics' New 52 library of comic books the Superman and Batman figures stand out predominately.

Superman stands with arms folded as if gazing at an approaching enemy.  

His powerful chest and torso are showcased and accented by his red, blue and yellow outfit with flowing red cape.  Take a moment to appreciate the tiny details, especially on his face and torso.

The Batman figure stands slightly crouched with Batman leaning forward as if to pounce on or pummel an adversary.  

Dressed in black and gray with a huge bat emblem on his chest and with his trademark utility best around his waist, Batman looks like all business-the business to beat up bad guys!

I especially like his long black flowing cape, cowl and foreboding stance.

The red Warrior Dragon is a fierce flying reptile with snarling, fang filled maw, uplifted right leg with six deadly claws, a barrel chest, large red and white scales, a twin-horn adorned head with bony top and side ridges, a white-bone tipped, segmented tail with bony spikes running across its top and two, tattered and bone-tipped wings ready to take flight.  

The Warrior Dragon is one fierce reptilian killing machine with heavy scale armor, a ridged underbelly in white and four powerful legs with clawed feet that rip and tear any opponent to shreds.

For a lighter and more gentle touch check out Schleich's Peanuts figures that include Snoopy (with red dog bowl in his mouth), his bird buddy Woodstock, Charlie Brown and his nemesis Lucy.

With the Peanuts movie due to come out soon these are the perfect figures to collect.
All look exactly like their newspaper comic strip namesakes and make a fine addition to any Peanuts fan's collection.
"Good grief! What a collection!"