Monday, January 26, 2015

The Sea Ghost

From Nemo Toys/Capt'n Eli comes its latest MEGO style articulated figure: The Sea Ghost.
Taking it's inspiration from famous Golden Age comic book heroes, The Sea Ghost is a blue skin, white hair avenger of the deep dressed in aquatic black and white undersea attire.

Emblazoned on his chest is a seahorse in black silhouette.  The fully-articulated figure features a real cloth outfit, solid white hands, black feet and fierce visage that is sure to strike terror in any bad guy's heart. 

Displayed in a bubble pack with a full color illustration of The Sea Ghost complementing the figure the package also include a short bio of The Sea Ghost on its back along with several character sketches.

Be sure to pick up The Sea Ghost comic book from the  Nemo Publishing Group for the full, action-packed story behind the avenger of the sea.

You have to 'sea' it to believe it!