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Friday, January 2, 2015

The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence

Stan 'The Man' Lee, longtime editor and writer/co-creator of such famous superheroes as Spider-man, Thor, the Hulk and dozens more is a dynamo of energy.  Now into his 90s Stan is still cranking out ideas at an impressive rate.

Stan tackles a new series of novels from Disney Press along with co-writer Stuart Moore and artist Andie Tong.

The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence is the first in a series centering on 14-year old Steven Lee who, on a trip to Hong Kong follows a tour guide (Jasmine) into a underground cavern under a museum, when he hears some strange muffled screams.

What he finds is far more than he expected: twelve giant pools of mystical energy each containing powers based on the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

As Seven watches Jasmine is hidden and observes a man (Maxwell) suspended in the air, screaming as the super powers from the pools enter his body.

Spotting Steven, Maxwell orders his minions to apprehend him.  Through a series of  mishaps Steven finds himself infused with one of the Zodiac powers just in time to save Jasmine and a scientist present at the transference who was trying to stop Maxwell from obtaining the power of all the pools.

They escape as the remaining pools release their magic energy which scatters about and leaves the chamber.

The scientist explains that the energy must find hosts.  It is now left to Steven, Jasmine and the scientist to find the new recipients of the pool's power and stop Maxwell from obtaining all of the super powers. 

Eventually Steven and new friends finds the young 'Zodiacs', relocate them to a new lair and set about training them to use their new powers for good and to fight off Maxwell and his legion of bad guys.

This story showcases Stan's talent at its best-creating an exciting new series that pulls in kids and adults alike.  Packed with action, adventure, danger and mystery the book also showcases Stan's ability to creating real, believable characters.  It's 'Marvel' lous!