Monday, May 11, 2015

Tiger and Sherman

Italeri's Wargames approved, 1:72 Scale, two fast assembly, M4A2 Sherman III Allied WWII tank model kit is the perfect model for the novice model maker and the wargamer.
Two tanks come per kit and quickly assemble with only 15 parts each.  A little glue, some camouflage paint schemes and before you know it you have two authentic looking tanks models that appear ready for battle.
Add on the decals and the heavily armed war machines look as intimidating as their full-scale counterparts.
Check out the intricate tread, body and turret details including their impressive firepower.  Boom!
Just as impressive is the 1:56 Scale, Pz. Kpfw. VI Tiger tank model fashioned after the infamous WWII German killing machine.
Part of Italeri's Warlord Games line the Tiger I is the perfect model for gamers and collectors.
Easy to assemble, paint and decal using the instructions enclosed the Tiger I packs a punch with its huge cannon, front mounted machine gun emplacement, thick armor and wide space tracks.  Is it any wonder the Germans almost won the land war with this monstrosity?

Both models feature precise detailing, easy to detach and assemble parts and instructions for assembling, panting and decaling to make each model as authentic looking as possible.