Monday, August 24, 2015

3 MechartoWeGo and First Ship

Get ready for cute as Hasegawa Hobby Kits presents, straight from Japan, its latest 1:35 Scale model kits consisting of three in the series: the Chubu MechartoWeGo Mecharobots!

These adorable child-size robot transports are especially built for kids to transport them to school, soccer practice, after-school activities and carpooling.

Not only do they make great transports but super baby-sitters.  No more chasing after your kids or worrying about them playing outside or getting in trouble.  The Chubu MechartoWeGo Mecharobots take all the muss and fuss out of parenting. 

Just imagine more time to yourself and no more trudging to and fro to kids' events!  Let the Chubu MechartoWeGo Mecharobots do all the work and still get the kids home in time for supper!

Kids and parents love them!  Why before you know it your kids will be grown up and gone and you never had to lift a finger.  Now that's convenience!  Now what were your kids' names?

Three kits make up the set: No.01 Aka & Kiiro RD/YW (2 kits), MechartoWeGo No.02 Milk & CaCao (2 kits) and MechartoWeGo No.03 Mizuiro & Momorio (2 kits).

Pre-painted and easy to assemble, the Chubu MechartoWeGo Mecharobots make the perfect project for beginner model makers. 

Parts detach easily from their part trees with little flashing or fuss and after a few minutes you'll have your very own Chubu MechartoWeGo Mecharobots complete with moving joins, heads that open and both girl and boy figures!

The Arcadia First Ship piloted by Captain Harlock is much more streamlined battleship than Harlock's later ships.  But that doesn't make is less formidable.

Look for plenty of fire power with offensive and defensive weapons along with a propulsion system few ships (if any) can match.

Measuring in at a whopping 1:1500 Scale the Arcadia, once painted its battleship green/gray with its skull and crossbones bone white bow and side decorations, makes for a frightening sight in space.

Perched on its oversize stand the ship looks like it is in space flight. 

Check out the massive deck artillery, powerful rear engines and lofty bridge with its various detection and communication devices.