Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Encyclopedia Of Superheroes On Film And Television

With the plethora of superhero movies and TV shows produced in the last ten years or so the general public has become enamored with the genre.
The majority of movie and TV viewers picture superheroes in film and TV as something new and the current 'in thing.)
But, did you know that superheroes have been in film since the introduction of Superman and when TV came along it wasn't long before they had their own TV shows?
If you take into account the old Pulp magazines beginning in the 1920s the predecessors of superheroes such as Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Spider, Tarzan, John Carter, Conan, etc. actually appeared in film almost from the onset of the industry, beginning with silent films.
So superheroes in film and on TV are nothing new-it's just that they have become very poplar primarily since technology has caught up with the visuals seen in superhero comic books for decades.
Of course it doesn't hurt that superheroes are among the top money-making properties for movie studios and superhero TV shows garner audiences from all age brackets.
McFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers and author and archivist John Kenneth Muir successfully compiled a complete  list of superhero movies and TV series up until 2008 with their Second Edition of The Encyclopedia Of Superheroes On Film And Television that lists, in astonishing detail, every fact, story synopsis and concept behind each project.
For the ultimate lowdown on the film and video appearances of familiar superheroes, and some original creations, be sure to pick up a copy.