Monday, September 7, 2015

Fangoria #343

In this issue of Fangoria it's all about Hannibal.  So invite a friend over for dinner, break out the silverware, pull up a chair, devour the conversion, soak up the ambiance and digest the contents.  This issue is a cut above.  Articles and features include:

MINIFEATURE: RIP CHRISTOPHER LEE Screenwriter John Esposito eulogizes the last of the classic-horror greats to leave us.
“HANNIBAL”: ON SET Sink your teeth into a look at the making of the latest season.
“HANNIBAL”: HUGH DANCY AND MADS MIKKELSEN As Will Graham and Dr. Lecter, they perform a dance of obsession and death.
“HANNIBAL”: GILLIAN ANDERSON The “X Files” veteran is now half of an even more dangerous TV-horror partnership.
“HANNIBAL”: THE CUISINE When food stylist Janice Poon is on the case, the snacks are literally finger-lickin’ good.
“HANNIBAL”: THE FX Francois Dagenais is building quite a body of work creating the victims of Hannibal et al.
Q&A: TOM NOONAN The original Francis Dollarhyde recalls the whole tooth about playing Thomas Harris’ original madman.
PREVIEW: “AMERICAN GODS” With Bryan Fuller at the helm, Neil Gaiman doesn’t have to pray for a respectful televersion of his novel.
APPRECIATION: “THE STRANGERS” Over a decade after its release, the home-invasion chiller is still sending shock waves.
INTERVIEW: PETER MURPHY As part of Bauhaus, he provided a hell of an introduction to Tony Scott’s “The Hunger.”
RETROSPECTIVE: ANIMALS AMOK A look back at 10 films in which nature went on the warpath with human guidance. Plus: “Day of the Animals.”
RETROSPECTIVE: HAGSPLOITATION Some of Hollywood’s greatest actresses went very, very bad in their latter years.
FEATURE: HORROR ON VINYL For the record, an old format is receiving fresh life by playing the music of cinematic death.
INTERVIEW: KEVIN BACON He’s back in the thriller genre, on a deadly hunt for those who stole his “Cop Car.”
MINIFEATURE: RIP BETSY PALMER A tribute by David DeCoteau to the woman who played the mother of all slasher villains.
FEATURE: HORROR NOVELIZATIONS Sometimes schlocky, sometimes sublime, these books recapture big-screen terror.
ON SET: “DARK WAS THE NIGHT” A visit to the location sheds light on an above-average independent monster flick.
FEATURE: HORROR TRAILERS Editor Bill Neil reveals how fright films are carved and served in enticing condensed versions.
FIRST RITES Words from guest editor Bryan Fuller
POSTAL ZONE Rochon rocks, “Penny” thoughts
MONSTER INVASION Preview of “Sinister 2”
VHS YES! The substandard subterranea of “Trapped Alive”

DUMP BIN DIARIES Wesley Snipes in “Gallowwalkers”