Friday, September 25, 2015

Tales and Sacrificed

Get ready for some certified lunacy as Sherman's Lagoon and Pearls Before Swine offer their latest collections courtesy of Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Tales From That Deep That Are Completely Fabricated! is the latest and looniest of the Sherman's Lagoon's collection.

Writer and artist Jim Toomey takes Sherman the shark and his cast of underwater, wet-behind-the-ears aquatic buddies out of this world-literally.

See what happens when Sherman and his fishy friend wind up on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, courtesy of a flying saucer and did you ever see a shark play golf?  Me neither, but Sherman gives it a swing.

What happens when a fish decides to eradicate Killer Whales?  Have you ever seen a Shark Cam?

That's just a few of the lunacies in this new collection.  I guarantee you'll be knee-deep in H2O hilarity.

Speaking of lunacy.  Pearls Gets Sacrificed the newest Pearls Before Swine collection. from writer artist Stephan Pastic. demonstrates just how much animals are like humans-at least as far as the cast of Pearls Before Swine goes.

As a former lawyer Pastis has a 'unique' take on humanity as reflected in his animals' hi-jinx.
Where else can you witness a crocodile spelling bee or a Gandhi getting physical or lemmings refusing to leap?  An you thought humans were crazy!

Enjoy even more animal antics in the latest and greatest Pearls Before Swine collection.  Special stickers are also included.

Both paperbacks reprint daily and Sunday comic strips in all of their whacked out weirdness.