Thursday, October 8, 2015

Falcon, Hornet and Flanker

Measuring in a whooping 1/48 Scale, Skill Level 3 (Age 14+) and consisting of 140 pieces nicely packaged on part trees with little or no flashing and super-detailed Hasegawa Hobby Kits F-16IQ Iraqi Air Force Fighting Falcon Limited Edition fighter jet model kit is the bomb!

Designed to operate in hot and dry desert conditions the Fighting Falcon (initiated in 2010 with a partial shipment in 2014) is a lean, mean, streamline bullet of an aircraft that boasts some serious firepower. 

A twin seat cockpit  is powered by a GE F110 power plant.  It's vastly superior aerial combat capabilities are enhanced by its radar jamming capability and radar guided missiles.

Extra fuel storage allows the aircraft to stay in the air longer to engage the enemy or perform air to ground attacks.  Its larger dorsal fin and state-of-the-art electronics have increased the weight of the aircraft but have little effect on its firepower, flight and maneuverability. Additional weaponry includes superior strafing capabilities.

Like all Hasegawa hobby Kits the Falcon kit is easy to assemble, paint and decal if the enclosed instructions are followed.

The 1/72 Scale F/A-18E Super Hornet "VFA-27 Royal Maces CAG 2015" Limited Edition model kit is considered a 'heavy hitter' of Carrier Air Wing Five.

A descendant of over 50 years of Royal Maces service the Super Hornet performs double duty: air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. 

With its 20mm cannons, wing armaments, twin cockpit, extra fuel capability and powerful engine the Super Hornet fairly buzzes about the enemy and delivers a sting few (if any) survive.

Display the aircraft model with wheels up or down, cockpit opened or closed and with or without weapons.

No matter how you serve it, its an impressive model kit fashioned after a equally impressive aircraft.  Two decal configurations are include.
Another 1/48 Scale aircraft model from Hasegawa Hobby Kits is the Su-27 Flanker Ukrainian Air Force Digital Camouflage Limited Edition for ages 14 and up.

Considered one of the most maneuverable fighter aircraft in the sky the Flanker is one of only a few aircraft able to perform the "Pugachev's Cobra": where the nose of the aircraft rears up and back to vertical before lunging forward.

A cobra or rattlesnake have nothing on this aircraft!

Capable of speeds above Mach 2 the Flanker's superior armament makes this twin tail fin and engine monster of the sky a snake ready to strike!

Its long bowed fuselage allows the aircraft to perform maneuvers that shame other similar aircraft.  Fast, agile and armed to the teeth the Flanker is impressive no matter how you stack it.

With its multi-blue paint scheme it makes it almost impossible to see until it's too late!