Friday, October 2, 2015

Once Upon A Zombie

All around the world the graves of famous authors of classic children books are emitting bright lights and some people have witnessed dark mysterious figures dragging themselves out of said graves.
As the days and weeks pass more and more of the graves are disturbed.  At first the phenomenon was believed to be an elaborate hoax but news spreads fast and people are beginning to wonder about the validity of such events.

One such person is Caitlin Rose Fletcher a young American girl who recently moved form the United States with her father and genius younger sister.

Awkward, shy and vulnerable Caitlin suddenly finds herself grave deep in adventure.  She, and her sister discover that the graves are entrances to other dimensions (Emerald City, Wonderland, Neverland, etc.) populated by fairy tale and fantasy figures created by the deceased children book authors.

When Caitlin and her sibling meet a zombified Rapunzel in a local cemetery they enter the grave at her request and suddenly find themselves in a magic kingdom. 

But, things are not as they should be. Everything is decaying, plants are dying, animals have turned into ravenous beasts and legendary fantasy princesses: Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are slowly turning into flesh-eating zombies.

Caitlin and her sister must determine what has happened and must try to set things aright.  But, what caused the devastation in the first place and why?

Authors Billy Phillips and Jenny Nissenson have successfully re-imaged classic characters and stories and invented a brand new series of adventures beginning with One Upon A Zombie Book One: The Color Of Fear from The Teen Studio Press.

It's time to take a 'bite' out of your favorite fairy tales and enjoy a whole new fantasy series.  It's to 'die' for!