Saturday, February 6, 2016

Star Trek The Original Series The Latter Fire

Best-selling author James Swallow chronicles a new Star Trek Original Series book that takes place at the end of the Enterprise's first five-year mission.

While exploring an unknown region of space Captain Kirk and his crew come upon a warp-capable spacecraft on the brink of destruction.

Offering aid to the recently deep-space faring alien crew the Enterprise successfully saves the ship, most of its crew and garners gratitude from its captain and crew.

Sometime later, while on a mission to offer Federation membership to the aliens, Captain Kirk, his crew and a Federation ambassador are surprised about how quickly the alien race has advanced its warp capabilities-something that usually takes decades which they have achieved in less than two years.

Unable to ascertain how such a thing is possible Captain Kirk and crew are kept in the dark about the alien's entire space program.

While in discussions with the aliens an armada of their ships is destroyed by a planet-size behemoth.  The Enterprise investigates and almost suffers the same fate.

Does the behemoth have something to do with the alien's new warp capabilities?  Why is attacking them?  What are the aliens hiding?

That's just a few of the questions facing Captain Kirk and his crew.  But, can the questions be answered before the creature completely destroys both the aliens and the Enterprise?

Star Trek The Original Series The Latter Fire is classic Star Trek.  Readers are treated to a brand new adventure of the original crew, introduced to some new (but familiar) crew members and a new threat unseen before, courtesy of Pocket Books